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August 26, 2020
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We are tired of so many soft launch titles. when it comes to our favorite ones we can not wait for the official release. so in this time we have to use VPN and connect to soft-launch country in order to play our favorite game. but working VPN Applications requires Paid or Premium Subscriptions. Today i will be showing you how to get free Unlimited ExpressVPN Premium APK on Your Android phones. Its as simple as installing any game apk file.

But why use ExpressVPN for Soft-Launch games?
First of all its working perfectly with almost all the soft-launch titles and its easy to use.

Tt is very simple to use. In order to establish a VPN connection all you need to do is simply press the big button in the center of the client. You see a smart location section there – At first it gives you automatically configured best VPN selections for your current location. but you can manually select your preferred locations. In Asphalt 9 we will have to use Philippines VPN to play the game.

Premium MOD APK of ExpressVPN does not give you unlimited days but you can easily get 200+ days to use your App. Since i dint have a week to test so just posting the ExpressVPN MOD APK here so you can enjoy your favorite Soft-Launch titles. Alternatively you can use many apps but ExpressVPN is the working one available right now.

Problems and Their Solutions:-

1:- If you get Connection Failed Error then go to ExpressVPN Settings and Select UDP Protocol. Now Try to connect. It should be working.
2:- When you get Data Limit Usage is over then you will have to Uninstall ExpressVPN then restart your phone and Install again. Follow Instructions Properly from the start.
3:- If you get Contact Support Error then Uninstall Application and Restart your phone. Install it again and start new trial again.

What's new

Introducing Lightway (beta), ExpressVPN’s next-generation VPN protocol that delivers a faster, more secure, and more reliable VPN experience.

Go to Settings > VPN Protocol to enable Lightway.


1) First of all download the Express VPN MOD APK and Install it in your phone.
2) Once App is installed Open it. Click on start free trial and enter any random text as EMAIL like [email protected] and click on Register.
3) Now Head to the ExpressVPN Settings and click on VPN PROTOCOL and Select UDP PROTOCOL.
4) You will be signed in automatically with 200+ days of remaining Premium Days Account.
5) Now Select your Location and enjoy.


49 comments on "ExpressVPN MOD APK 9.0.20"

  1. Pradeep says:

    Bring back the old look of andropalace, I stopped visiting your site after this new look.

  2. kungkoy says:

    not working on firestick it says free trial unavailable even uninstall and restart the device not working at all

  3. ponglong says:

    just 7 days did thr steps multiple times

  4. Andy says:

    Thx a lot for helping us RG, an update is needed, hope ull upfate a new version soon.. Thx

  5. Okarosu says:

    Showing “Free trial is unavailable”

  6. sayembara says:

    the previous version was worked but the new version can not even register email

  7. VengefulRat says:

    Nope. Only get a 7 day free trial.

  8. Sam says:

    i only get 7 days free trial…install & uninstall still the same…

  9. Jack says:

    After using for a couple of weeks and deleting and reinstalling after the trial expires and now get “free trial unavailable” when trying to set it up again despite uninstalling several times

  10. Chris says:

    Worked for me not 20p days but still 47 good job

  11. Jaypz says:

    Working as of March 23. Thanks RG!

  12. Titas says:

    There is an issue it says you have to purchase a subscription in order to ise trial

  13. Dev says:

    Not working.

  14. Sami says:

    Not working.. trial unavailable

  15. wie says:

    free trial expired

  16. Anonymous says:

    This never worked for me! I always had the one week free trial even after I changed to UDP Protocol!

  17. Shanks says:

    What about ufo vpn ?

  18. Legacy says:

    So why does it continue to say that you can get 200 plus days when you select Udp in the instructions.. I’ve followed the instructions so many times and not once has it worked. If you can’t get the unlimited 200 plus days then what’s the point of putting it in the instructions. That doesn’t make sense at all. That’s false advertising.

  19. patatin says:

    i got the contact support error and i followed the instructions but i still get that error. did it happen to somebody? did someone solve it?

  20. Dev says:

    U r great.keep up the good work.

  21. GRGRGRGR says:

    Please, reupload link download game bully scholarship, too many link dead 😅 i cant download.

  22. Aham says:

    Update please

  23. Demon says:

    Connection not stable… Only unblock web site that’s all..torrent detected proxy n ip.
    7.5.2 all server stable torrent can’t detected proxy n ip… Security High level.server more improved.
    Check the latest update.

  24. Dozer says:

    Hey RG, thanks for this cool mod! Can you please update this mod to the latest version 7.5.3 ? I hope you can fulfill this update 😣😣

  25. Alex says:

    Hey RG I didn’t get 200+ premium day account how it happens

    • Royal Gamer says:

      You will get 7 Days premium account. when it expires you will have to follow instructions again to get 7 days premium account again

  26. patatin says:

    Is there any way of having Netflix not detecting the vpn? Bc its annoying

    • JuliPiola says:

      My netfliz detected it but i uninstalled it, restarted my phone, installed it again and it worked!

      • patatin says:

        it still detects it… :( how annoying!

        • purplesnitch says:

          That doesn’t have anything to do with the mod, that’s a problem with the VPN itself….

          Sign up for the free trial using your real email and contact the ExpressVPN support and ask them which server to use for the Netflix of whichever country you’re looking for. They’ll tell which server works for Netflix. It changes a lot. Just don’t mention you’re using a modded apk lol or you could be banned.

          • patatin says:

            I’m just about to send the email to the support. Do I include the “log” (the thing that says it is recommended to send down below), or will it give away that I’m using the modded apk?

        • purplesnitch says:

          Yeah, you can send them the log if they ask for it. I’ve done it a few times… I don’t think there’s anything in the log that gives away the fact that you use a mod.

          • patatin says:

            YES! It Worked! On my way to binge watch Parks & Rec and The Office, which are pointlessly unavailable in my country. Even EL CHAVO is…

        • purplesnitch says:

          I’m glad it worked for you! :)

  27. harshit says:

    any other vpn like this?

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