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A Location based Dinosaur capturing game just got a bigger and better MOD Update with Jurassic World Alive MOD APK for Unlimited Battery and VIP Account.
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Ludia Inc.
September 2, 2021
5.1 and up
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Features Of Jurassic World Alive MOD APK:-

Amazing Animations covered with Life Like Graphics
Over 100+ Dinosaurs to Collect and Train
Collect and Upgrade them to Take Part in Different Arenas
Global Leader board for Competitive Challenges
Earn Daily and Huge Rewards Exploring the Game
Collect Normal to Legendary Dinosaurs

During gameplay, players discover dinosaurs and use an in-game drone to collect DNA samples from them. After collecting the samples, they can create genetically-modified dinosaurs to fight other players. Some of the dinos featured in the game will be taken from the movie “Jurassic World” and its upcoming sequel, “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.” The game’s official and global release date on Apple’s App Store and Google Play is expected for Spring 2018. Jurassic Park isn’t the only movie franchise to have upcoming AR game, Harry Potter and Ghostbusters are also in the works.

Dinosaurs are everyone’s favorite creatures. when it comes to movies and games you might think of T-Rex and all other Animals seen in movies. Right now Ludia offering a Game where you can capture and hold of 100s of your favorite Dinosaurs. JWA’s Requirements of Downloading Jurassic World Alive is as low as pokemon Go is. You will need 4.4 android or up and few hundreds of MBs of space in your phone. Simply download the Jurassic World Alive and Install it in your phone. Game uses Real Time Locations just like Pokemon Go so you will have to allow locations for it.

A new augmented-reality mobile game inspired by the movie franchise Jurassic Park allow users to create and fight dinosaurs. The game announced on March 7 and its called “Jurassic World Alive.” and not the Jurassic World Go Like Pokemon Go. Mobile game developer Ludia has partnered with Universal to help create the experience. Since a Movie Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom is releasing soon it might help this game building more audience. Jurassic World Alive for Joystick Button and Unlimited Battery is added.

What's new

- Discover the NEW Flock creatures entering your world!
- Get your allies ready to defeat NEW Raid Bosses coming soon.
- Improved AR features – significantly enhanced placing, lighting & more.
- General game optimizations and bug fixes.

What's In The MOD:-

Infinite Battery
VIP Enabled



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For Installing APK File Open the Downloaded "APK" file using Any File Manager you like. Game will be installed in your Phone.

Play Jurassic World Alive MOD APK Unlimited Money VIP 2.10.25 on PC

Play Jurassic World Alive MOD APK Unlimited Money VIP 2.10.25 on PC

109 comments on "Jurassic World Alive MOD APK Unlimited Money VIP 2.10.25"

  1. Mina says:

    Hi, can you upload games from pixelfade? Ace academy, kaori after story, crystalline and ethereal enigma. Thank you!

  2. Aditya Katiyar says:

    Mod is not working like nothing, its just like original apk

  3. FJ says:

    New Update coming later today

  4. Carlos says:

    You can not buy the vip offers, in previos versións if You could

  5. Tom says:

    Is anyone else having trouble logging in with the modded APK?
    It won’t let me login with either Facebook or Google Play account.

    • Anonymous says:

      im interested to be able to log into face book or google to save my progress in case my tablet dies

    • radecki says:

      On all the site mods people ask about being able to log in with Google or facebook, but no one ever answers…
      All you see is people complaining that they have issues doing so, at this point I don’t think it will let you unless someone knows otherwise.

  6. Sam says:

    Thank you for what you do.
    My friend is disabled and has limited Hand movement. Thanks to your battery modification he is able to collect enough viable DNA to be able to play and enjoy the game.
    That way it provides a nice balance without being game breaking or making an unfair advantage.
    I hope you have a nice day.

  7. Your Admirer says:

    Hi RG,

    New update coming now. Game under maintenance.

    Please do your magic as soon as have time.

  8. Your Admirer says:

    Hi RG,

    Maintenance started. V1.13 is coming in few hours. Please do your magic as soon as you can.


  9. FJ says:

    Ver. 1.13 coming probably next week FYI

  10. Rodages says:

    Hello, there is a new version, 1.12.20 I hope to update soon, thanks

  11. Anonymous says:

    Can you make the incubator be free

  12. Royal Gamer says:

    I think FlyGPS is not working anymore

  13. Friend says:

    Hey royal gamer,
    Disgaea 1 got an Android port recently, can you maybe upload it?
    Also Saga scarlet grace ambitions and romancing saga 3 too.

  14. Moonwalker86 says:

    Not sure if anyone ever tells you this or not but I truly appreciate you and what you do for us! We are either ignorant or lazy or both and can’t do it ourselves and as an aspiring hobbyist developer I know how much of a pain it can be sometimes to mod android games nowadays. So thank you sir very very much!!

  15. Your Admirer says:

    HI RG,

    Today new update 1.12 is dropping. I am hoping you are going to do your magic ASAP so that we all can continue using your awesome work.


  16. Solitec says:

    La actualizacion de Ludia marca Error en Mapas (desaparece como flashasos y vuelve a cargar y vuele a reinicar mapa) cuando Abrimos FLY GPS, si lo desactivamos nos vuelve a mostrar el mapa normal

  17. Nath says:

    Awesome update
    Can u upload Ulala idle adventure mod God mode

  18. Your Admirer says:

    Hi RG,

    Just a heads-up that update 1.11 dropping today. Please do update your mod as soon as you have time.


  19. anonymous says:

    Update 1.11 is dropping soon. Thanks RG

  20. Your Admirer says:

    Thanks RG for your awesome and fast update work. VIP is now working too.

  21. Qwer22 says:

    how soon ?

  22. Your Admirer says:

    Hi RG,

    Just to notify you in advance that tomorrow update 1.10 is dropping. Please do update your awesome work as soon as you have time.

    I will update you again when it actually available at play-store.


  23. xKaz says:

    Rg can you make Pokemon GO Joystick mod? Or like a tutorial for security patch 2019

  24. Your Admirer says:

    Thanks RG for updating to 1.9.34 without even me noticed update :) Much appreciated

  25. Your Admirer says:

    Please RG we are waiting for your magic. 1.9.25 available already. Thanks

  26. Anudeep Indana says:

    The update is live (1.9) please do your magic RG. thank you!

  27. armenja says:

    Its today RG, thanks for your hard work!!! ;)

  28. Your Admirer says:

    Hey RG,

    Just a advance update request. Game is going to maintenance break tomorrow for 1.9 update. Can you please then update your awesome mode asap for 1.9?


  29. Big Mom says:

    There is mandatory update for this game,.. Hope admin will update the mod

  30. armenja says:

    HI RH!!! Thanks for your work, there is a new version 1.8.38, can you up date it please?

  31. Anonymous says:

    Descargue la apk pero no puedo conectar me a Facebook

  32. Titvitiea says:

    Hi, RG.
    Jw alive has online update lately. It still same version 1.8.29, but it required us to update when trying to play. Please use ur magic on it. Love ur hardworking. Thanks u alot!

  33. JWAPlayer says:

    New Version is online :-) would be awesome if you update yours too
    Thanks a lot!!

  34. V.Bro says:

    There is a new version 1.8.29
    Please check it if you have time.

  35. Lu says:

    Just got banned for 2 days and 20h
    I use fly GPS
    Logged into face by browser

    • Your Admirer says:

      Hi Lu,

      You got banned for 24 hours before? Or direct 3 days?

      Were you jumping around in map a lot? Like you can say half city in one jump?

      • Lu says:

        This is my second ban
        No… I wasn’t jumping on GPS.
        I’ve only played in the morning.. and 6pm when I was going to play, ban.

        • Your Admirer says:

          As I was expecting, you got 2nd strike now and of-course will not be on leaderboard anymore I suspect.

          I am not sure how they ban you then? Its not about a single/last day of play but if you keep jumping around with-in short time then you can trigger checks @ Ludia.

          Though frankly I am not sure if I can stay clean from Ludia side for long too :(

          • Lu says:

            Só sad to hear that
            I don’t go out to much… this was my only fun
            But thank you for all this time.

  36. ShishkaBerry says:

    Hmmm no vip.

    Anyone find a workaround for the GPS cutting out w the joystick? Pain in the dick having to go to inventory after every catch lol.

  37. Kai says:

    why am i stuck at loading, 1/24 all day.

    • Your Admirer says:

      Contact support of Ludia. This has nothing to do with MOD. Though remember you have to connect with FB using browser not the FB app.

      • Kai says:

        i didn’t have fb app, i tried log in as a guest and, same, no progress at all. but okay, i’ll try to contact ludia support. Thanks

  38. Anonymous says:

    The game will be released in an hour or so .it will be great if you update it asap😁.thank you!

  39. Your Admirer says:

    Hi RG,

    Just to inform in advance that new update is dropping tomorrow. And very important Dino to dart event from Wednesday.

    So will be awesome if you could update the game as soon as possible for you when it arrives tomorrow (Tuesday); I will comment here too when its available.


  40. TEnder says:

    Hi, I didn’t get the VIP :(

  41. Your Admirer says:

    Hi RG,

    Another update 1.7.36 is now available. Please update this at your earliest.


  42. Tony says:

    Says not available in my country (UK)

  43. Your admirer says:

    Hi RG

    New version available. 1.7.33.

    Please update as soon as you can.


  44. Dinohunter says:

    Thanks a lot!!
    Btw, there’s a new version online: 1.7.33 :-)

  45. Impaler says:

    Hi RG, be our hero again and update the game pls :D
    1.7.33 is up :)

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