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October 13, 2020
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9th Dawn III RPG APK “9th Dawn 3 RPG” is an open-world RPG game in which players will explore the continent of Montelorne and several mysterious islands. Game developer Valorware said that “The Ninth Dawn III” is more open world and has more contents to enjoy the game. “The Ninth Dawn III” is the sequel to the “Ninth Dawn 2”.

In the game, players need to help the villagers resist the undead army and explore the underground city. In the game, there are puzzle-solving elements, and players can freely dig out many game contents. The graphic design of “Ninth Dawn III APK RPG” combines modern style and retro style, and the game has an open endings, players can experience multiple endings.

Finally 9th Dawn III RPG APK is Available on Android

Explore the vast island of Monteron, a continent far from the mainland, but full of mystery, danger and last but not least adventure. You can start your journey in the small village of Agaria, but once you master the direction, you will find yourself immersed in your own world.

Play as one of the following three traditional professions: a strong knight who is proficient in combat techniques and has the ability to wield heavy armor and weapons; an agile archer who can quickly dispatch enemies from a distance or close with a dagger; a wise man, a master of elements , Can use powerful magic and summoning ability to destroy the enemy.

Whether it’s searching for hidden artifacts and treasures, helping the troubled Montelors to help the rising army of undead, or just exploring the vast world and its many towns, dungeons and forests, it’s all for a bold adventurer. No shortage of fun!

What's new

- Move all creatures to storage button
- Perma delete creature button (from storage)
- Khennle quest gives correct dialogue after
- Fyued quest "Beat everyone in Rhunden" fixed
- Fishing skill EXP gain increased a lot
- Autosort puts equipped items at front
- Show Ladders on dungeon maps (helps not being lost)
- FYUED softlock bug definitely fixed!
- Reduce cooldown on weapon burst skills
- Blinmo quest - felworm fixed
- Slow melee weapons attack boost
- Dhortu quest item made easier



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