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Animus Series is back with another epic offline Action RPG Game. This time its not playing like Dark Souls but its an action RPG hack and slash full offline game. Released on PC and Consoles its finally Arrived on Android as well. Animus Revenant is a single player Story Driven offline game.
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September 16, 2021
Android 7.0 and Up
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Animus Revenant APK is an offline action rpg game with exquisite graphics and hard-core gameplay. The game has a feeling of “dark souls” series at first glance. It not only has medieval knights and magical styles but combat is also very hardcore in fights. The sword slashing will bring players great satisfaction. Coupled with the high difficulty of each battle specially for action RPG Gamers.

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Extremely hardcore action RPG Combat Fun

Every battle needs to be handled carefully

Play with amazing weapons and combat moves

Possess rich elements such as main lines, branches, weapons, missions, equipment, attributes, etc.

“Animus Revenant” is a hard-core mobile phone action rpg game. You can operate your hero in the game to make a fatal blow to the enemy at the right time, while avoiding the enemy.You can also change into different role equipment, experience dozens of hours of story plots and missions, and experience the fighting fun of hard-core action games.

· Single player Action RPG (Fantasy & Adventure)
· 3D Isometric POV
· Tactical combat
· Gamepad recommended
· Customize touch control (size, space, transparency)
· Linear gameplay (backtracking necessary)
· Narrative: storytelling / lore in dialogue & items
· Main & side quests, boss battles, lore
· Item crafting: weapons, armor, accessories
· Items with various skills, effects, attributes
· Character stats & management*
*: Enemies have different elemental/status effect vulnerabilities. Stat placement & item attributes affect combat efficiency.
· Strategy/Tactics: Farm, combine, and balance equipment suited to the map or enemy.
· Material farming from mobs



11 comments on "Animus Revenant APK Offline Game 1.0.0"

  1. Tachibaba Ukyo says:

    Are you sure this requires android 7.0 and up? On the playstore its says 9.0 and up

    …yet its written “Eligible for family library if bought after 2016”, as if it was released before then, of course they don’t inform you of the release date you have to guess it yourself!

  2. Cardo Talisay says:

    Is this working on Poco X3 Pro?

  3. Dill says:

    It so lag on my phone🤣

  4. Gordon says:

    It says “Error Parsing Package” even though my phone is Android 8.1 version and has sufficient amount of Storage (ROM) and 4 GB of RAM (Memory), I think there is something wrong with the APK file (I saw the required Android version which says in the description , it says 7.0 above and my phone can run and play Genshin Impact at Low Settings with Smooth Framerate)….

  5. Fulgoso says:

    The hell, this game is very difficult, controls are bad and overpowered enemies. Can you make a God mode for this game, that will ease all of the pain. 😅

  6. juangtju says:

    in blu g5 its not work , have a black screen and force close , any solutions?

  7. Zandatsu says:

    can you make compatible with android 6.0 ??

  8. Yahiro Mizuchi says:


  9. Ryu says:

    Thank you for this game RG, can we have Kick the buddy apk, unlocked everything?
    Thank you in advance!

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