ARIDA Backland’s Awakening Full APK

A historical single player game with elements of adventure and survival. Released on PC this game is now finally available to play on Android as well.
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Jun 22, 2023
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The games setting is inspired by Canudos district of the late 19th century, an area that was hit with an extensive drought. Venture outside in search of the lost collectibles, and learn more about the incidents. The drought is far worse this time around, changing everyday life out here. Now, a team of six is publishing the Android version of this game, giving mobile users a chance to explore Brazils territories and become part of the story of Cicera.

Download ARIDA Backland’s Awakening Full APK For Android

You play Cicera, a young girl on a voyage of discovery, dealing with the dangers of living in a Brazilian savanna in the middle of the great drought during the 19th century. You play a young girl named Cicera, who has to traverse the savage drought-ridden regions, survive, and adventure along the way. With help from a young girl named Ciceras grandfather and the rest of the villager, Cicera has to learn how to survive in this harsh world, and bring her story to a satisfying conclusion. Explore an arid region, gather resources, and uncover clues to the fate of the young Cicera, a girl who faces a drought. The 19th-century Brazils interior is where young Cicera finds herself.

Faces the drought to explore the most arid regions, collect resources and discover clues about the destiny of the young Cicera. You must explore the many arid regions, encounter different characters, collect resources and find clues about the fate of the tsitsera. You also need to learn various recipes, complete missions to villagers elders, and uncover rich narratives about Brazilian interiors.

Yes, you are learning recipes and fighting hunger and thirst, but the intention behind the mechanic is not what you will find in a traditional survival game: it serves as a storytelling tool, allowing the player to become absorbed into its narrative. By gathering helpful resources, you are able to craft tools, learn survival basics, and interact with other characters, who you are able to trade items with.

You will need to choose the correct equipment for the correct tasks, whether it is using a machete to clear paths, or sharpening gear with grindstones when it gets dull. Cicera will continue surviving in the Brazilian lands learning to use tools, using tools to create paths, sharpen machetes, and complete tasks, as well as discovering the rich history of the Brazilian interior.



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  1. Matthew says:

    It doesn’t works, stuck on the loading screen.

  2. Royal singh says:

    Is the crossout mobile mod available rg bro ?

  3. Qwerty says:

    What mod?

  4. Pam says:

    Rg,dysmantle is out now on playstore..please upload

  5. BlackMan says:

    App not installed! I pre registered it today at play store. But downloaded it from here and it didn’t installed. SD439,3GB

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