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Rally your squad and lead the charge! The Battlefield franchise has arrived on mobile with all your favorite FPS combat, superior teamplay, and genre-defining destruction you’ve come to expect from Battlefield, now more thrilling than ever. Read entire post properly.
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Dec 16, 2022
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Battlefield Mobile APK will be an arguably the most proper PVP game in the mobile gaming. it will managed to capture that all important Battlefield experience that we’d all grown to love from previous games in the series. At the same time pushing things even further by  adding breathtaking weather changes that would take place during a match, and as a result it’s still incredibly popular today with a thriving online community.

Its just popped out in the play store called Battlefield Mobile and it has different screenshots to show us some gameplay glimpse. The gameplay does look like a mixes of Battlefield 3 and 4 and with its description and screenshots it looks amazing. We will update its beta version when we get our hands on it so make sure to bookmark this page and share it with your friends.

Battlefield Mobile APK Official Published on Google Play

Since Now Mobile gaming has its new heights we finally getting Battlefield Mobile on Android. Its true that day by day online community of gamers is increasing and now almost everyone is taking their AAA titles on Portable devices. So does EA with its amazing PVP Action FPS game battlefield.

With the hype now building for BF2042 and Battlefield mobile being the closest thing we have to the era with a difference of just 22 years between each setting. Battlefield Mobile is a multiplayer game where 64 players fight on single big map using different weapons and vehicles.

Call me a boomer but I’ve played Battlefield since way back in 2002 when I used to storm  the beaches of Normandy on my super powerful Pentium III 600 and I’ve always been a strong believer that Battlefield is a multiplayer game with an occasional single player campaign which can be used to set the scene of the era as well as a sort of Hollywood level cinematic training mode. Lets just wait we are so close to get this game on our android devices.Meanwhile read official game description below.

Rally your squad and lead the charge! The Battlefield™ franchise has arrived on mobile with all your favorite FPS combat, superior teamplay, and genre-defining destruction you’ve come to expect from Battlefield, now more thrilling than ever.


Squad up in Battlefield Mobile. You and your crew will press the assault on maps and modes both new and familiar to veteran players. Build a loadout of authentic weapons and game-changing gadgets. Fight for control of powerful vehicles like tanks and ATVs. Destroy the field of battle with large-scale environmental destruction. Combat abilities are always growing and at scale, granting you the capacity for mass warfare.


Across all game modes, you’ll experience the same wild situations and explosive spectacles Battlefield is famous for. Whether it’s outrunning a collapsing tower on your ATV, parachuting off a building while firing a rocket launcher, or burying your enemies under the rubble of a building you destroyed with your tank, every match is unforgettable.


Experience strategic play unparalleled in other first person shooter games through each map and mode offered. Assault, Support, Medic, or Recon – you choose your class. Then, build your custom loadout from a vast collection: Weapons, skins, class-specific gadgets, and more. Your most powerful weapon is the class and loadout that suits your personal play style.

When it’s go-time, the terrain offers endless strategic potential:
– TACTICAL: Go on foot for tactical agility.
– DESTROY: Commandeer an ATV for explosive speed and surprise.
– STEALTH: Kill stealthily with melee weapons.
– WAR TANKS: Conduct a shock-and-awe campaign in a fully armored tank.
– SANDBOX: Your sandbox, your rules. Battle in land, sea and air.


Battle alongside your squad of war heroes and take control of the battlefield. Join a battalion or build a squad to engage in large-scale territory conflicts and earn rewards. Tilt the match in your favor as you make strategic, team decisions and level up your battalion of soldiers. Defend, destroy and fight for survival with superior teamplay and a range of game modes: multiplayer, objective and more.


Find your personal play style and customize your soldier to maximize their capabilities. Weapons, gadgets, skins and more can be personalized and upgraded to match your class and progress. War heroes with unique narratives prepare for battle, each with their own assignment. Learn their stories, immerse yourself in the war and stand out on the battlefield with the best customization to date.

No matter how you wage war, superior personal skill and practiced group tactics will carry your side to victory.



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    Please add gamepad compatible games for Android…

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    Where are download links?

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    Il n’y a pas de liens pour télécharger ?

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    No sir

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    Is there an offline mode with this game?

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