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Aperture Science and the portal branding is valves only example of a fluid franchise. regardless of the video game perfection that is portal it’s safe to assume that valve feels closest to the world of Cave Johnson and GLaDOS you know more than Black Mesa in the combine. now we have bridge constructor portal APK MOD has not had the warmest reception upon release that being said the lack of a first-person puzzler did not deter me from digging for information. Android game Bridge Constructor Portal APK is a premium game with no IAP.

Bridge Constructor Portal APK MOD Android Free Download 3.0

Bridge Constructor Portal APK is far more polished than anything they have ever done before. the game starts off on a title screen the background of which is where the story sections occur the first scene is an office where a bendy interviews a few other Bendis for a janitorial position and the player is told to answer questions as if they were giving the job interview. the style of humor this game starts out with was worrying to me as it made references to cave Johnson’s lemon rent.

Your job is to build bridges to allow a forklift to reach the exit. not only do these bridges have to maneuver the vehicle but they have to support themselves. this is done through two types of materials beams and ropes. beams are rigid structures that can either be driven on or used as short length supports and ropes are used to suspend beams in the air. when the situation calls for it the entire game can be played with just simple few touches.if it’s already been placed double-clicking to delete and right-clicking to cancel a placement.

What separates this from any other bridge builder game I’ve ever played is the incorporation of portals many puzzle mechanics buttons,cubes,portals goo fizzes turrets moving panels faith plates two types of gel everything is ready. it all comes together to what I feel is an incredible puzzle game with the incorporation of portals. If you have not played any bridge constructor game then you should try bridge constructor portal apk.

Requires Android: 4.1 and Up

Version: 3.0



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