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Just like Choices we now have Chapters Interactive Stories MOD APK with Unlimited Money and Free Shopping.
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Crazy Maple Studio Dev
January 18, 2021
4.4 and up
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Interactive plot games are to unfold the story in the form of dialogue, allowing players to make their own choices at some nodes, and different choices will lead to different results. The mobile terminal should have appeared earlier in “Chapters Interactive Stories MOD APK” (hereinafter referred to as “Chapters MOD APK”) launched by Crazy Maple Studio Dev.  in 2016, Pixelberry launched “Choices: Stories You Play”. The game is the two head works of the game category. Until 2017, interactive drama games began to show a strong ability to attract money in overseas markets, hovering in the top 50 of the US bestseller list, and capital integration followed.


Chapters Interactive story MOD APK is the top new choice game, with original novels, one of the stories of interactive story games reimagined and brought to life on mobile devices. Choose your own story from our top collection of romance, drama, comedy and horror series. Chapter: Interactive stories combine choices and fictional stories, you can’t let go of your own unique style of story gameplay.

You arrive at the choices made in these interactive story games. You can choose whether you are in love, discover scary secrets, or solve deep mysteries! Our exclusive selection of your story, the collection of games includes: Kidnapping PRINCESS You are the perfect kidnapper High, gorgeous, and a millionaire. Just like the supermodels, extraordinary kidnappers at night, no one can doubt that you may never have someone who kidnap their only heir will cause the whole country to fall into chaos. You will make choices for the protagonist and villain of the story to beat you off the biggest kidnapping ever, while keeping your affection princess checked. For all the wrong reasons.

What's In The MOD:-

Free Choices | You can play all books even if you do not have enough tickets | Free Unlock Gallery Cards even if you have 0 diamonds


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36 comments on "Chapters Interactive Stories MOD APK 6.1.1"

  1. Mizzlily says:

    Please please please can you update to 6.1.3? Thank you in advance.

  2. chocholynn says:

    Hi RG, first, I wanna say thanks a lot for created a lot mod games.. and this game (Chapters) is one of my favourite.. Could you update this game to the newest version, please?? Hope you read my comment.. 😊

  3. Mia says:

    Upgrade to version 6.1.3 please

  4. Shantanu says:

    The premium thing is not work evey time asking 17 diamond to play it please update diamond play fast to paly without paying anything else

  5. Kim says:

    Hey Royal,

    The Premium choices are unfortunately not free in this update. Will you be able to upload another? Thanks as always!

  6. Lucia says:

    Hi, thanks for modding this game!
    The mod works fine on my old phone but on my new Android 11 phone, nothing is free. I tried uninstalling and installing it a few times but i still have to pay diamonds for choices

  7. Liz says:

    Can you please put the direct links back? The mirror ones don’t work for me :(

  8. Mizzlily says:

    Hi thanks for updating to 6.1.1 the choices are not free and still cost gems. Is there something I need to do first thank you

  9. Briana Herrera says:

    thank you so much

  10. Hifsa says:

    Mod works fine for me but when I start a new game and set my character preferences the moment I restart the game character looks and name changes to default. Please tell how to solve this. Thank you

  11. TwinSpur says:

    I can’t open it, it always said failed to connect, i try to download from playstore and cancel it, but always get stuck when loading, Mod work very well with similiar apps choices. What should i do? Thanks in advanced

  12. Fer says:

    Thank you <3 This works like a gem

  13. Alyx says:

    I can’t open the says failed to there anything that I can do?

  14. Shantanu says:

    This game is not working as I have downloaded it two time and till yesterday when old updated was there it was running fine and now the loading screen of the game is not coming up when I click on it it get stucked to chapter choose your romance

  15. Kain says:

    Another infected file named Android.PUA.DebugKey
    What is this????????????

    • Royal Gamer says:

      Its not an infection. Its showing Debug Key, read properly. since MOD APKs are signed with default signature keys that is why its showing like that. there is no infection in the APK not worry.

      • Kain says:

        Thanks, searched more and some people also said this file is a false positive.
        Well sorry but not sorry for the freak out.
        And another thanks for the free apps

  16. K4sum1 says:

    What about free tickets. Does it work with your mod?

  17. Roorii says:

    Will i get banned if i use a mod? I need a mod for it but i Don’t wanna get banned 😣

  18. warlog says:

    What does “free shopping” mean?

  19. Mia says:

    Thank you so much

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