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Dead Space APK MOD Android Mobile is a action horror space story based game created by Electronic Arts.
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Android 2.2 and Up to Android 10
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Dead Space APK MOD Android Mobile is a action horror space story based game created by Electronic Arts. This mobile game is a link between the events of Dead Space and Dead Space 2 pc games. Right now we are posting Dead Space APK Android game which will surely work on most of the android devices including android 9.0 Pie. Dead Space is one of the best looking android game since 2010. Its vibrant and high end graphics are still looks great.

In Dead Space APK Android you will be controlling an unknown third-person protagonist. The task of Vandal is to remove the Government from the path of the Church of Unithology, so that religion can become fully powerful. Unlike many shooters, the player can not do ordinary jumps and somehow get off the cliffs or ledges. This is partly possible in places with weightlessness.

On the back of player’s spacesuit there are indicators of health, stasis charge and, in rooms without air, the amount of remaining oxygen. These indicators are part of the X-ray, the internal AI of the spacesuit. Stasis allows for some time to slow down moving objects, such as necromorphs or a rapidly rotating fan. In addition, Player is armed with a kinesis module that allows you to attract and throw various objects with force.

In hand-to-hand combat, a player can use blows with a Plasma Saw (new weapon) and foot: a kick is a strong top on the floor, while the player is waving his hand horizontally around the circumference in front of him. Dead Space APK Android game has various weapons, some of which are tools for miners. The sight and the indicator of the current number of cartridges in the weapon in the normal state is absent, but they are activated after switching to the aiming mode, in which the camera “jumps” over the character’s shoulder.

In the game there are zones with missing gravity and in the depressurized compartments of the station. In addition, there are Workbenches and Shops in which you can improve, buy and sell equipment. Also, equipment is in some boxes, and it falls out of defeated opponents. The musical accompaniment of the game may vary depending on the circumstances. If you are looking for classic HD Games then you must give Dead Space Android a try.



25 comments on "Dead Space APK 1.2.0"

  1. karthick Dante says:

    Hi Rg, this file says it’s harmful but i installed it. It’s always shows notification file is harmful uninstall it what can I do ?

  2. Recon says:

    My phone keeps saying its malware but nothing seems to be happening to my phone and the game plays perfectly!

  3. DxSO says:

    Works so fine at LG Leon H340AR with Lollipop (Stock)

  4. VickyNG77 says:

    Will this work on my device it’s android 11 I wanna try all them old classics but I heard they’re not gonna work on Newer android version so I’m just want to be on the safe side

  5. JorgeR says:

    The game installation was successfully but the screen brightness is locked at max… why?

  6. Sinzx says:

    I can’t do the tilt control, did anyone have this problem besides me? Or is it really just me?

  7. Versatile says:

    Tried this on ROG 2 WW Android 9.0 and was unable to touch screen while setting up display parameter. Any solutions?

  8. rieko says:

    please more remaster game

  9. Jhon says:

    Can you please mod this game?

  10. Anonymous says:

    Please Fix Zippyshare link. #THANKS

  11. LeMonsieurCat says:

    There some flaws with opening doors or the blue thing.. i need to put it to the side of the screen so i can touch it

    Fix it.. thanks

    Phone : Xiaomi Mi 8

  12. Monty says:

    Well game runs well,but i am having the sound issue,like static sound all the time.

  13. xboxer214 says:

    There are some serious graphical glitches, makes it super hard to play., usually happens when a dead enemy is around the player.

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