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Hunt down monsters to cook and eat them! You’ve been revived in a massive underground complex and you must leave this bizarre facility. Aided by the undead Necro-Chef Simmer, you must stay safe, get fed, find a way to get out!
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Aug 4, 2022
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Dungeon Munchies is a food-themed action-game, which mixes bad combat and frustrating physics with a splash of enthralling storytelling and gorgeous art design. Shadowdropped at the Nintendo Indie World showcase, and developed by MAJAja, Dungeon Munchies is a action-platformer with diverse combat elements, but there is much more going on with this new title.

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Dungeon Munchies is an action RPG, played from a side-scrolling perspective, developed and published by maJAJa. Aided by an undead necro-cook, Chef Simmer, you need to keep yourself alive, refuel, and figure out a way to escape. Dungeon Munchies is a side-scrolling action RPG that centers around hunting creatures, cooking them, and eating meals in order to earn specific abilities.

Aided by the undead Necro-Chef Simmer, learn to use what you kill to gain new powers, build powerful weapons, and get away. With help from the spectral, self-proclaimed Culinary Expert known as the Necro-Chef Simmer, dive deeper into the depths of the dungeon in order to gather ingredients to quell your incessant hunger. Disoriented and bewildered, you emerge to find yourself inside of a gigantic, mystical, monster-filled underground compound, encountering the ghost named Simmer, as well as his army of skeletons. Later, in Dungeon Munchies, the ghost named Simmer gives you your first forced operation, which grants you a permanent ability to double-jump, giving you an extra leg in the back, rendering the fried mosquitos obsolete.

The novelty of cooking up parts of fallen enemies and getting access to their powers quickly fades as you realise that the rest of Dungeon Munchies is still a bad-looking platformer with a truly simplistic battle. Not to be too spoilery, but Dungeon Munchies does take on a demonic tone in the later stages reminiscent of Carrion, and it is an awesome twist on both Dungeon Munchies art and gameplay. If you need further convincing.



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