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Feb 8, 2023
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Dust & Neon is a classic twin-stick, top-down shooter, featuring role-playing gameplay progression and influences from roguelite and loot-shooter genres. Dust & Neon definitely does not attempt to shake up the rapidly growing roguelite genre one bit, sticking with most of the same gameplay loops you have seen before.

Dust & Neon is a twin-stick Roguelite shooter that takes place in a futuristic Western world, in which tech is aiding cowboys, while robots are taking over. I have been enjoying these quite a bit recently, so when I saw the cool mix of cowboys, robots, and twin-stick shooters in Dust & Neon, I knew I had to give it a shot.

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Overall, Dust & Neon has a decent amount of randomly generated guns for a roguelike, though not quite as many as Enter the Gungeon. Yes, only three types of guns are present, even though Dust & Neons take on the Old West has computers and self-contained bots. Rifles are usually the strongest weapons back then, which means that they are best suited to fight Dust & Neons higher-ranking robots.

Most Roguelikes tend to feature helper options to benefit from difficulty levels, and that will have been a good thing in Dust & Neon, too. Players could start Dust & Neon at easy or normal, but could not change this after the fact, unlike in most games.

While you will be popping out of cover and can shoot out from behind a screen, Dust & Neon does like to supplement its army of cloned cowboys with scampering aliens who will attempt to flank you. Death is only the beginning in Dust & Neon, a roguelike action-packed twin-stick shooter set in a post-apocalyptic Wild West teeming with baddies. Play as the titular gunslinger on an epic quest filled with precision firefights, armies of menacing androids, and amazing boss battles. Choose your arsenal from an unlockable collection of almost 2000 completely unique revolvers, shotguns, and shotguns.1600 unique apothecariesa let you change or enhance the abilities of the gunslinger in the field, breaking open hundreds of loot boxes filled with cash, weapons, and upgrades.

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  1. bigpoopoo says:

    update this pls, theres artifacting showing up on this version.

  2. Ferdy says:

    Can you make for into the dead unleashed too?

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