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fahrenheit-splash-gamefahrenheit-android-game fahrenheit-apk-mod fahrenheit-classic-game fahrenheit-ps2-game-androidfahrenhiet-storyline There’s no doubt that aspires done a good job over mastering Quantic Dream’s as sophomore adventure game fahrenheit or indicate prophecy for smartphones the models and textures look far sharper than their old ps2 counterparts the controls work nicely on the touchscreen and handy extras like I cloud saving and MF I controller support are welcome but you have to ask yourself was it worth the hassle sure fahrenheit was ambitious and innovative at the time but it was also deeply flawed this is a month old story for love clumsy plotting awkward pacing and grown where the dialogue at the beginning the game shows promise we open with Lucas Kane stabbing a guy in the grungy bathroom live in New York Dina trapped in a blizzard you now have to figure out how to hide the body and leave the diner its atmospheric its tents and its cinematic with Angelo ballad MNT sweeping school setting us up for something really special and then we changed to a new character realize who plays both the criminal and the Crime Stoppers in the murder case covering your tracks in one chapter and then uncovering them in the next bonds a few hours in and it all starts to go bonkers you’re attacked by giant green bugs and then you have to fight there a matrix like acrobatics and showdowns with mine dogs. and choose what to do and who to talk to in order to advance the story it almost feels like a prototype for tell tales games with time dialogue responses and reaction test during the action scenes thing is the game is often quite tedious seems like a style section at a military base a bit we have to control the characters breathing and an incredibly long fight scene again some giant bugs and just leave you bold the game also promises that every action has a consequence but many of the branching paths just lead to dead ends the only thing it really affect is which of the three endings you wind up with while aspires done a commendable job every mastering the game for the modern age. fahrenheit is not that good maybe it felt good in 2005 when this is all novel in revolutionary but today it just feels camp cumbersome.

Requires Android: 4.1 and Up

Version: 1.0.2



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Install APK,Place data folder in SDCard/Android/Obb/ and play.

6 comments on "Fahrenheit Indigo Prophecy APK+DATA"

  1. David Blue says:

    You need VMOS or VMOS Pro to play this. It’s virtual machine app based on android 7.1.2.
    This game work flawlessly in it.

  2. Sralhopes says:

    Sadly, this app wont open on android 10 :(

  3. manoj says:

    game not working keep stopped problem

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