FarmVille 2 Tropic Escape MOD Menu APK Unlimited Gems

After huge success of Farmville 2 Country Escape we now finally have Farmville 2 Tropic escape MOD APK with Unlimited Money.
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Feb 28, 2024
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Farmville 2 Tropic Escape MOD APK has Arrived with Lots of Farming Contents of Tropical Islands.

FarmVille Tropic Escape is an offline City Building Simulation game from zynga. It’s a sequel to the biggest hit Farmville Country escape. This time its a tropic escape it has got some nice animations,new items to build your city.most of all its all about ISLANDS. in previous game we were farmers. use our MOD APK of Farmville Tropic Escape and you will get unlimited money gold coins and gems easily so you can build further.

A new FarmVille game arrived, this time its not a third version of farmville but this time its in tropic islands. zynga just released the game in the play store and when i got there i see some compatibility issues do not know why. well its not that game that requires high end phones then what’s wrong with zynga. Farmville is famous for its rich and delightful colored graphics and hours of fun and farming gameplay with lots of contents and quests to do. since farmville is a facebook game they bring that game to android and its became famous quite big. after a huge lists of content updates they just decided to release new game in the farmville series and this time its FarmVille Tropic Escape MOD game is based on tropic island where your the manager of the island and have to take care of the island and farm there.

game is based on unity engine same as older famville games and it has all the ingredients that a good game requires it has good high quality graphics, crispy looking animations, good gameplay, smoother experience and quite a long quests to finish with lots of building stuffs. There are few options in the game like quests lists, a workshop from where you can buy some building stuffs like bar, tiki shop ,kitchen, bakery and etc etc. quite a long list of contents i have in here. since its a MODDED APK Game i have access to all the stuffs and i can finish the quest on one click using gems options and i must say there are plenty of fun quests of there you can enjoy. but the real fun is there when you play original game well its your choice. so here is the game . enjoy the game and farm well.

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209 comments on "FarmVille 2 Tropic Escape MOD Menu APK Unlimited Gems 1.171.1125"

  1. gutsman says:

    I can connect to boat. event and my club if u update pls. Fix. Thank u.

  2. Pedro says:

    Boa tarde, agradeço o empenho do Royal Gamer por manter o aplicativo sempre atualizado.
    Gostaria de perguntar se tem como colocar o Mod em outro Farmavile 2 Tropic Escape antigo que tenho e tá no nivel 94?

  3. ravi says:

    Recent update is not working. I’m getting error message as app not installed or problem while parsing the package.

  4. Ravi says:

    Farmville tropic escape recent update is not working, getting error message as app not installed.

  5. Tonmoy says:

    How to activate mod ?
    I discovered this downloaded apk from this site same as play store

  6. Mr Jinx says:

    Hi there, love the app but unfortunately as of August 5th when I try to link my saved data (via FB) to a new installation of the app I am getting a message saying “in order to sync your game data to the cloud you need to download the latest game content.”

    I have uninstalled and reinstalled multiple times

    I have tried on my phone, tablet, blue stacks, and LD player… same result.

    I have unplugged my wireless router and restarted my machines multiple times.

    Appreciate any tips you can provide to get me back to playing!

    • Royal Gamer says:

      Latest Version MOD APK is added. download it and install it. enjoy the game

      • Lynn Fisher says:

        I got the update. but when I install it and run it for the first time… it gets to the part where I’m suppose to name the island. and it wont accept input. it just hangs there.

    • Michele says:

      Are you sure your FB has updated the new content? If it didn’t update and save you can’t sync to a newer version. Make sure FB is logged in and go into the game and wait a few minutes to see if it 5ells you that you need to download the latest game content.

  7. vilmar says:

    Alguem pode me ajudar quanto aos visitantes do navio do cruzeiro???
    quero fazer mais pontos de sorriso ou aumentar o numero de visitantes
    para que eu possa fazer mais pontos no cruzeiro, tenho instalado o
    game guardian eo cheat engine e nenhum deles funciona quando o assunto
    é o cruzeiro, não consigo hackear com eles, podem me ajudar quanto a isso??

    • Royal Gamer says:

      MOD is updated to latest version. you can Turn ON and OFF MODS and fix your problems

      • Gandhi Pereira says:

        Aí está o problema
        Essa opção sumiu, não aparece mais
        no alto a esquerda aqueles botões azuis.
        O que faço para ter esse recuso de volta

        • Royal Gamer says:

          If you have saved your progress using Facebook or any other login options then you can simply Re-install our MOD APK and get the Menu back

    • nicki says:

      is there anyways i can connect to facebook login?

  8. vilmar says:

    obrigado pelo novo mod. muito bom

  9. Naa says:

    The mod is *chef’s kiss* no issue so far thank u so much! Tho may I ask what is the gem limit so I don’t lose my market boat?

  10. vilmar says:

    blz rapaziada…
    muito bacana esse jogo, e melhor ainda é o mod que vcs fazem pra ele..
    mas gostaria de pedir uma coisa. se puderem fazer um mod pra melhorias infinitas, até do tal de cruzeiro que tem lá. é dificil de conseguir e eles só te dão 20 melhorias. a do cruzeiro não te dão nenhuma se quiser tem de pagar 100 diamantes, muito loco isso.
    obrigado por enquanto.

  11. Doris Morgan says:

    I did get the mod to work, which is awesome, btw. But now when I load the game, I’m stuck in an endless “collect beach club boosts” loop. I’ve tried turning off the mod & the web view thingy is updated. So, do you have any suggestions for getting past this annoying loop?

  12. Doris Morgan says:

    My post/question, just disappeared, so I’m posting again. I just got your tropic escape mod & I don’t have the mod menu on the right of left top corners. Plus the game is still using up the little bit of gems/coins that I’ve managed to save so far. What am I doing wrong?

  13. Doris Morgan says:

    …plus the game is still using up the few coins/gems that I’ve managed to save 😔

  14. Doris Morgan says:

    I donwloaded your mod for tropic escape, thx in advance! But, I don’t see it a mod menu on the left or right top corners 😭 What am I doing wrong here?

    • Royal Gamer says:

      Re-Install the game and when you start the game it will ask you to Enable MOD Menu. you must enable it and restart the game. after that it will appear in the game

  15. vilmar says:

    flw…. obrigado pelo novo mod..

  16. vilmar says:

    muito bom esse site, parabens … sempre jogo farm ville tropical e estão de parabens pelo mod.
    muito bom mesmo,

  17. Solar says:

    How can I have my data for using another phone?

    • Royal Gamer says:

      you can use Facebook login to safeguard your progress and transfer save to another phone

      • Raya says:

        help me to fix my game, i cant tap the club chat button :( i ve been waiting for a days. :( i cant text my team and selling items on boat, theres no boat also my club chat wont working

        • Royal Gamer says:

          sorry but its not related MOD so i cant help. hopefully any other farmville player will help you if they read your problem

        • Lost says:

          Sounds like you have too many gems. Turn off the mod and spend them by upgrading your boathouse and silo until you have around 2000. It should connect to the club then.

    • Begüm says:

      Google Play yada Facebook bağlantısı yapamıyorum. Lütfen yardımcı olun! 😓

  18. Haylen says:

    Why I can’t connect to the Club Chat?

  19. Fhkilla7 says:

    Best mods!!! Great app

  20. ziv says:

    Did you found a solution for the loop boost on start?my game happens even if I play with the original game apk.

    • Ziv says:

      I think it’s not a big. For every boost you get from closing habitat you get on start boosts+more.
      I get 3 boosts and on restarts 5 boosts.
      I get 4 boosts and on restart 7 boosts.
      For now I checked only on habitat.
      I believe the sunken will do the same. Didnt checked it yet

  21. Blair says:

    Thanks so much for fast update.

  22. Lost says:

    The latest update is crashing before the game finishes initializing.

  23. Anon says:

    Where can i find this mod menu?

    • Royal Gamer says:

      upper left corner. its clearly written as MENU. tap on it

      • Anon says:

        I didn’t found that MENU your talking about on my first install, there’s only the coins and gem icon, but I reinstalled the game and the mod menu showed up.

  24. Ludmilla says:

    Is any options for fast way to reduce diamonds??

  25. Blair says:

    This is the best mod apk ever. Thank you so so much for this update with new menu button added. It works great. Thank you so much for your work and time, much appreciated.

  26. Em Cee says:

    For some reason my app is stuck on a boost loop. I can’t get past the boost screen, even when I restart, it just keeps looping a boost. Is there anyway to get around this without having to start over?

  27. Lost says:

    I just updated from an earlier version and now I’m stuck with 19 million gems and no way to get rid of them so I can access my club and three trade boat. Any advice or I just quit the game?

    • Royal Gamer says:

      is there anyway to use those gems? if not then you will have to restart the game from the beginning. The latest MOD is safe from this situations

  28. Mandi says:

    Thank You so much, Works Perfect :)

  29. Dania says:

    Hola, no me deja entrar , no me carga mi partida guardada , me sale q tengo problemas , no sé q hacer por favor necesito ayuda, gracias

  30. Mandi says:

    Hello Team, new version is updated on the fly (1.100.7224), thank you for that, but there are little issues with this version as it’s using diamonds last version won’t use diamonds while instant finish, doing other task game freeze, please fix this issue and apply all the settings as the previous version have, thank you so much, for all the fast updates

  31. Willis says:

    Thank you for the update.

  32. Blair says:

    Thank you so much. This version ( 1.97.7059 ) works perfectly. I really appreciate your time & effort to update this game.

  33. Blair says:

    I really like your mod apk. It is the best from all others, but with this new version, there are some issues, crafted goods triple & when using it will double the stuff, instant finish tasks will making & double the gems, when claiming rewards from wildlife & task, game will frozen. Please kindly fix it to just like previous version that would be great. Thank you so much for your work and time, much appreciated.

    • foogus says:

      Thanks for the update, but it has a few issues that hopefully could be fixed.

      We need to be able to use gems sometimes, otherwise the selling and buying boat gets removed if you go over 5000 gems. Also it freezes when doing quests and crashes the game.

  34. Mandi says:

    The new version is good, but as soon as use instant finish game freeze and had to restart, making 3 items at once while crafting and in last version it’s making 2 items that was ok and please kindly freeze diamonds (on cruise if use instant finish 200 diamonds it’s making 400 Diamonds), and on every task it’s doubling the item well it can be manageable, thanks for your work

  35. Mandi says:

    Thanks for the updated version, but having issue when we craft items it’s generating 3 at once, using crafted items to do game task it also generate the double item for eg. item required 2/2 with a click it has 4/2, and game freeze while doing to do list, i loved your work and fix, thank you

  36. Anonymous says:

    How to fix missing trading boat

  37. Beby says:

    L’ultima versione ha funzionato per due giorni poi ogni volta che ho riavviato dovevo aprire tutte le bottiglie di potenziamenti che avevo ricevuto o acquistato poi è sparita la barca del mercato,la chat e la nave da crociera c’è ma se clicco sopra non succede nulla…..sistemate per favore grazie

  38. Happy Player says:

    Would you be able to post the un-modded version of the file, so we can play that as well without having to start agian.

    • peabea65 says:

      Any chance you can post a mod for the new version? Your work is very much appreciated.

      • peabea65 says:

        Thanks for the really quick work giving us the update. Unfortunately this one uses gems like the first mod of the last update and the worst part about this one is it freezes the game whenever you try to use Quick-Sand. Could you perhaps do the second mod like last time and fix the freezing?

        Very much appreciate your work.

        • foogus says:

          I too would love a fix for the use of Quick-Sand jamming the game requiring a restart. Love the work, but this is a bit of a pain in the bum when trying to play and forgetting you cannot use gems or QS.

          Previous mods have been better than this. Thanks for your efforts though.

          • foogus says:

            The original idea of getting gems for making stuff was and still is the best mod you have done so far, it was by far the best available on the net. If you can re introduce just that option even though the game limit for gems is 5,000, I am sure this mod would be no one again. Your last few mods have made the ranking slip a bit.

            Still good work.

    • Dania says:

      Por favor, necesito su ayuda está actualización me está dando problemas, gracias por el trabajo q haces 👏👏👏

  39. peabea65 says:

    Hey, good job on the mod, but as a couple have already commented, you have ommitted the option to make gems with purchases like the older versions had, now you lose diamonds and get no product if used. Not really very usable anymore, a pity, your previous efforts were really good.

  40. Big Fan says:

    Really cool MOD, but you seem to have made a mistake with the latest version. You can no longer use diamonds to finish products, it reduces them instead. Might be deliberate, but seems to be a mistake in the code. A fix would be great.

    • Big Fan says:

      Any word on a fix for the diamonds getting used and no product being produced as advised in the above comment, this MOD is one of the best available IMHO. I am being prompted for upgrade of version now and would like to continue using the MOD.

  41. foogus says:

    Appreciate your work, the best MOD of Tropic Escape available up to 1.92.670.

    1.93.6791 however seems to have a mistake and instead of making diamonds when making products you use them and don’t get the product. If this could be fixed it would make this the best MOD available again.

    Good work,

  42. Aylin says:

    Thank you so much! 💓

  43. Andrea says:

    Hi, Any update? Please, there is a new one, since yesterday, thank you so much!!

  44. Infinity says:

    Why is it not unlimited gems anymore? Can buy ingredients but not use gems to finish items on the workstations instantly or buy bonus spins in the tournament.

  45. Prototype says:

    Update it come on man

  46. Lav says:

    Hellooo RG. This game need update :D thank You, you’re doing a great job. 🤗

  47. Nur Anggraini says:

    Rg, how do i save the game progress, zynga is now revised the term so when i tried to log in using this app my account is suspennded due violating the term. Do you have solution for this problem so i dont need to start over again after updating the game?

  48. Klg says:

    When you have time can you fix 1.67 please. Thank you.

  49. Sassafras says:

    1.67 has too many gems so it won’t connect to clubs or cruise ship.

  50. Royal Gamer says:

    Updated to latest version. Enjoy

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