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Green Glass APK is an offline action adventure independent mobile game by NetEase Games.
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Green Glass APK is an offline action adventure independent mobile game by NetEase Games. An offline story driven adventure title that you will not want to miss. From Graphics to story telling everything in Green Glass Game are amazing and worth playing. Its not in English Language but you can still enjoy playing it. Green Glass works offline and its a full version of this game.

Its not a game,Its a journey worth playing. from soothing musics and amazing scenarios. You will be amazed with amazing gameplay and graphics. The ever changing puzzles and action sequences are main keys to this amazing Game.

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This is not just an ordinary action puzzle game, but also an immersive journey for you. There are more than 10 chapters to complete. From Rivers and mountains to bamboo scenarios you will be experiencing such time lapses in your journey. The mountains, lakes,clear river rafting,ice peaks,maple forests,grasslands enjoy the afterglow in scenic adventure. Green Glass APK MOD is short in gameplay it takes only 2 hours to complete.

– Next Generation Graphics and Gameplay
Amazing graphics and gameplay looks almost real and almost closer to console games. From Forests to river and lakes to dense bamboo forests you will get lots of relaxation vibes.

——The Unique Adventure Gameplay
Gameplay is a combination of Action adventure and Puzzles. You will see amazing puzzles throughout the game while also taking goons out with your sword. Since its not based only on action but you will have an adventure vibes as well.

——Swordsman battle Styles to Master
In Green Glass APK you will have a sword to fight enemies. Just Like Martial art moves and combos you will be using them in your action journey. Special Moves are the most worth watching while defeating enemies.

——Story of a Girl Protecting her till the End.
One man, one woman, one horse, one sword Medicine, you will step into the secluded bamboo forest and engage in a bamboo forest battle with the lurking enemies.

——Immersed in soundtrack, Enjoy Cinematic Experience.
The soundtracks and musics in the game are so soothing. Its like playing musics from one of the top musicians. They are worth listening to while enjoying Green Glass’s Journey.



7 comments on "Green Glass APK 1.0.5"

  1. Anonymous says:

    RG please let us know if its chinese or not, I downloaded this thinking that its already in english. Disappointed, I love the game but I cant play it. I dont understand the language.

  2. Tero says:

    English version ??????????

  3. Mati says:

    Nice but chinese language.

  4. Hancell Martinez says:

    Too bad, I thought it was english version.
    Thats what preventing me from downloading it from TapTap.

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