Hay Day

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Step into the enchanting world of Hay Day, where you’re invited to nurture a flourishing farm, indulge in serene fishing excursions, tend to a diverse array of adorable animals, and embark on thrilling adventures in the vibrant Valley. Design, embellish, and tailor your very own rustic sanctuary.

Embark on a farming journey like never before! Cultivate and nurture crops such as wheat and corn, resilient even in the absence of rain. Harvest and replant to optimize your yields, transforming your bounty into valuable goods for trade. Enrich your farm with the addition of charming animals like chickens, pigs, and cows! Care for them to yield eggs, bacon, dairy delights, and more, perfect for trading with neighbors or fulfilling lucrative delivery orders.

Commence with a modest plot and witness its metamorphosis into a bustling agricultural empire. Erect production facilities such as a Bakery, BBQ Grill, or Sugar Mill to diversify your product line. Unleash your creativity with a Sewing Machine and Loom for crafting stylish outfits, or a Cake Oven for baking scrumptious delights. The potential on your dream farm is boundless!

Infuse your farm with personality through an eclectic array of decorations. Elevate your farmhouse, barn, truck, and roadside stall with bespoke accents. Adorn your haven with whimsical treasures like a panda sculpture, a celebratory cake, or melodious instruments such as harps, tubas, and cellos. Utilize enchanting embellishments like flowers to allure butterflies, elevating the charm of your farm. Create a farm that embodies your unique style and captivates your friends!

Immerse yourself in the dynamic world of trading and commerce, utilizing trucks or steamboats to facilitate transactions in this captivating farming simulation. Barter crops, fresh produce, and essential resources with in-game characters. Engage in strategic trades to accumulate experience and coins. Ascend through the ranks to unlock your very own Roadside Shop, offering a wider assortment of goods and produce.

Expand your horizons by forging connections with fellow farmers in the Valley. Join or establish a neighborhood, fostering camaraderie and collaboration among up to 30 players. Share insights, lend a helping hand, and cultivate extraordinary farms together!

Hay Day Highlights:

Craft Your Farm:

  • Revel in the simplicity of farming: sow, nurture, harvest, and repeat!
  • Transform your familial homestead into an idyllic sanctuary
  • Enrich your farm with essential production structures like a bakery, feed mill, and sugar mill

Nurture and Harvest Crops:

  • Witness the resilience of crops like wheat and corn, impervious to withering
  • Reap and sow seeds to multiply your bounty, or utilize crops to craft delectable treats like bread

Foster Animals:

  • Welcome a delightful menagerie of animals to your farm!
  • Embrace the presence of chickens, horses, cows, and more
  • Introduce charming pets like puppies, kittens, and bunnies to your farm family

Explore Uncharted Territories:

  • Rejuvenate your Fishing Lake, inviting tranquility and bountiful catches
  • Restore the bustling Town, satisfying the demands of visiting patrons
  • Embrace the allure of the Valley, experiencing diverse seasons and engaging events with friends

Forge Bonds with Comrades and Neighbors:

  • Establish or join a neighborhood, extending a warm welcome to visitors
  • Engage in reciprocal trade of crops and fresh produce with in-game neighbors
  • Share valuable insights and extend a helping hand to friends in need
  • Participate in thrilling weekly derby events alongside neighbors, reaping lucrative rewards

Dabble in the Art of Trade:

  • Facilitate the exchange of crops, fresh produce, and indispensable resources via delivery trucks or steamboats
  • Establish a thriving marketplace through your own Roadside Shop
  • Seamlessly integrate the art of trade with the essence of farming in this immersive simulation



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