James Cameron’s Avatar APK Android Remastered All Devices

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Android 2.2 and Up to All Android
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James Cameron’s Avatar APK Android Remastered is now fully remastered to work on almost all new android devices. Its a port which is now supports all GPU and Screen resolutions. Released back in 2009 by gameloft this game was amazingly good for that era of android. Avatar MOD APK is now supports and works perfectly fine on my Oneplus 6t android 9.0 pie. Download the Avatar APK+DATA Files from the links below and play this classic title now.

Download James Cameron’s Avatar APK Android Remastered Version

Move to the colorful world of Avatar James Cameron and take the path of salvation and new discoveries two decades before the events taking place in the movie. You are captain Ryan Lorenz. You have to transfer your consciousness to the experimental hybrid of man and Na’vi, and become the first avatar. Could you imagine what your transformation would turn out to be? Will you use your new power in the name of Na’vi salvation or will you be together with people and destroy this wonderful world? Take the path of new discoveries, dangers and adventures in this unimaginable world. You will have to wage an intense struggle for survival against wild animals and carnivorous plants. When the battle reaches its climax, you will soar Pandora in the sky on the banshee in an epic game in the genre of killing them all.

Description of James Cameron’s Avatar APK Android:
Play with your favorite characters of the Avatar Film and visit the beautiful Pandora on your Android phones.

Its like a prequel story which take place before the event of the James cameron’s avatar the movie.

Discover Pandora in HD:
Discover Pandora, its picturesque landscapes, amazing creatures, impressive battles, all in HD.

From Pandora to Heaven
You are waiting for discoveries and adventures. You will fight for survival with wild animals and carnivorous plants, soar into the sky in a banshee.

Defend Na’vi
Settle in the village of Na’vi. Protect their world – suppress the encroachment of people on Pandora.

A world full of wonders
Discover Pandora – the world created by James Cameron. Complete 15 levels, from mines and military fortifications to waterfalls and jungles.




Install APK,Place Data folder in Root of your SDCard or InternalStorage and play. Path should be like this SDCard/Gameloft/Games/Avatar



9 comments on "James Cameron’s Avatar APK Android Remastered All Devices"

  1. Vinzy says:

    Can this be played at non rooted phone rg?

  2. Zendread says:

    Does it work on android 10? Cubot note 20

  3. chUnCHEn says:

    Dungeon Hunter 2 PLEASE! still feel that game.

  4. o4ugDF54PLqU says:

    Wow thank you so much, this is very important for game preservation, since the avatar games all have substantial differences depending on the platform. Now I only have the ios version left to find.

  5. Chetan Oswal says:

    Not suitable for Asus ROG phone 2… Please do something.

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