Marble Age Remastered APK

Marble Age Remastered APK is an offline turn based civilization strategy game about Ancient Greece, where your task is to lead a small village at the dawn of Aegean civilization to its glorious future as one of the most powerful city-states — Athens, Corinth, or Sparta.
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December 8, 2020
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The Marble Age Remastered APK is a simulated war game adapted from ancient greek mythology. Here you will lead your citizens to fight against foreign invaders. At the same time you need to consolidate your rule internally to deal with various conflicts in the country. Your goal is to rule the dynasty and gradually expand to the outside, successfully rule northern Europe and north africa, become the overlord here and ultimately rule the entire world. see if you can rule entire world.

Features of Marble Age Remastered Android Game:-
A classic simulation strategy game with ancient Greece as the core. War is an inevitable way to expand.
You need to slowly move from internal integration to external expansion and slowly rule the entire nation from the small country.
Natural disasters,ethnic conflicts, and power struggles are very deadly. You need to manage these.

Marble Age Remastered Game Features:-
Your choice of city-state will determine the strategy you use: the diplomatic style of Athens, the trade style of Collins, and the military style of Sparta.

Distribute workers reasonably to ensure a stable supply of food and materials.

Explore ancient technologies, manage resources rationally, and turn your settlement into a prosperous and influential city-state!

Explore the world, establish colonies, and establish relations with neighboring countries through the game’s deep diplomatic system.

Learn ancient Greek history in a fun way!



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