Plants vs. Zombies Heroes MOD APK Unlimited Sun

Plants vs. Zombies Heroes MOD APK is a tower defense android game from ELECTRONICS ARTS.
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November 18, 2021
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Plants vs. Zombies Heroes MOD APK is a tower defense android game from ELECTRONICS ARTS. Game is sequel to the Biggest hit on Android Plants vs zombies 2. PVZ Heroes is kinda like first part but it has some different gameplay. PVZ Heroes MOD APK is available now on

Plants vs. Zombies Heroes MOD APK, Recently Brand New Game from the series Plants vs zombies arrives and currently only available in select countries. and see what did they change? entire game yes the gameplay is different and characters are a bit same as plants vs zombies 2 and believe me they nailed it again. In the first section you get the tutorial stage , a vertical stage of a plants vs zombies level houses on the back and the zombies in the front. First you have to plant the the plant and it costs a sun. there are two tags on both sides on heroes and zombies about heart and the damage indicator shows health and damage dealt to enemies. when you are ready hit the fight button and battle starts. 5 lanes from where zombies might appear and plants you can place. there is some cartoon comic style story in the beginning about the dr.zombos a world famous pvz boss. game requires no internet connection to play like the other pvz games. graphics are good and the gameplay is good as well. devs tried something new and brings brand new pvz heroes. talking about heroes heroes are same as plants we have seen in the pvz2 and their powers are same as well.

This is PVZ needs hard stone with superheroes with cards lanes packs campaign and multiplayer and more funny little story I saw this game almost a year ago at PopCap when they were probed AP new things I wasn’t the same thing about it was a lot of talk about it but I thought look so freaking cools the fact the soft launch today is incredible to basically hearthstone with plants and zombies and heroes from both sides new super years as your main characters we’ve got guys like green shadow who is a pea shooter we’ve got guys like Spadaro who is a a potato mind year of his beneath that happened little tiny Potato Head he has a humongous hogging body and then they battle it out with decks of cards and there’s health and there’s special spells and there’s different combo attacks and mayors effects and there’s hero abilities and it’s basically hard stone with lanes and plants and zombies is the best like interpretation of hearthstone that style game that I’ve played and I love it I’m addicted already it’s only available a few countries will be coming everywhere soon.

What's new

It's time to kick some grass, Heroes! Whether you're playing as a plant or a zombie, our latest update comes with improvements to ensure you have a heroic experience each time you Battle! Thanks for updating.

What's In The MOD:-

Unlimited Sun



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