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An Original Romancing Saga 3 Released back in 1995 in Japan is now finally coming to West for the first time. Romancing Saga3 APK is now Available on All major gaming devices including Consoles,PC, Android and Ios. Romancing Saga 3 APK is a premium title so you do not have to worry about MOD APK or In-Game ads or Currencies. RS3 APK is a perfect Remastered RPG Game on Android.

Download Romancing Saga 3 APK English Version 1.0

Once every 300 years, the Rise of Morastrum threatens the very existence of our world. All born in that year are doomed to perish before its end. However, a sole child has survived the Rise of Morastrum each time — this life came to be known as the Child of Destiny. 600 years ago, the child came to be known as the Archfiend, while 300 years ago, the child came to be known as the Matriarch. Both times, they greatly influenced the destiny of the world.

The Rise of Morastrum strikes again for the third time. Will the Child of Destiny this time around be righteous, evil, or another force that the world cannot fathom? Romancing SaGa 3 APK is now available for the West for the first time. Begin your adventure by choosing from 8 protagonists, 8 protagonists weaving countless stories with the “free-form scenario” feature. Experience the journey surrounding the Child of Destiny, all remastered.

Set up the formation of your allies to determine your strategy for each battle,Acquire new skills during battle through Inspiration. New storyline narrating the Archfiend’s trap,A new dungeon and An additional storyline. Embark on intertwining stories and uncover the destiny that lies before them. The HD Remastered Version of Romancing Saga 3 on Android is a clear winner. If you love playing classics then this is the game for you.

Requires Android: 4.1 and Up

Version: 1.0



Download Links: (NOT PATCHED YET) Wait for the Patched Version. If you have rooted phone you can use it with modded Play store.

Install APK and Play.

28 comments on "Download Romancing SaGa 3 APK English 1.0"

  1. David says:

    I had to add note for my last comment before, it’s appear to be not working without version 0.18.2 of VX and v4.1 of JP. Hope that help. Bye.

  2. David Blue says:

    I have an solution for this to works. Install and play it inside app called Virtual Xposed and you need jasi patcher app inside VX too. If it still failed to bypass license, just quit the game and open it again until you can play the game. For more information you can search about Virtual Xposed online. No root needed. Have a nice day.

  3. Domon says:

    any news about this game? no one patch it for non root device

  4. Anonymous says:

    RG need updates on this masterpiece

  5. Anonymous says:

    Im still waiting…

    Also, the apk on play store was updated, maybe something can be done with this new version…

  6. Friend says:

    Still waiting.

  7. Yves says:

    Well, waiting a version that works,
    Square went crazy with this game price on playstore

  8. Monyoo says:

    Hmm….im waiting as well…

  9. domon says:

    still waiting patch for non root device…..

  10. Ukuteru says:


  11. Raks says:

    This is liscence hacked?

  12. rahul says:

    i try lucky pather all method but it not work..plz rg make it possible we all wating this master peice classic…plz make it happen patch it plz

  13. Anonymous says:

    license failed 🥺

  14. Anonymous says:

    RG plz fix for non rooted device….

  15. DeadBeatZ says:

    Please do anything to patched it😱😱😱

  16. jacob says:

    plz patch it rg i hve no root i cant play it..waiting eagerly

  17. rahul says:

    authentication failed plz check credential this what tells me when i open off internet still not working :(- plz help rg

  18. kreamkram says:

    Sorry but i can’t get the links.. there is a problem?

  19. rahul says:

    whoo finally arrive plz rg uplaod fast and thanks..wating for this masterpiece classic…i not slable see download links

  20. number1supporter says:

    Please mod money/gem RG! more power! Thank you!

  21. Ukuteru says:

    Awesome!! Thanks RG

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