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1_survivalcraftsurvivalcraft-android-apksurvivalcraft-apksurvivalcraft-citysurvivalcraft-horse-apk-modSurvival craft another minecraft clone but this has some serious potential and is already a really really good game. get started here so in options when you’ve got a cool on design very nice the tile pattern and some different hence I’m so it’s very very awesome I have explored I haven’t gone through a quarter the game and I’m really impressed so in the help section which is always interesting we can go and show topic and it ruined it gives you tutorials on pretty much anything is really need to know which minecraft doesn’t so i think thats recalled it also has a recipe Kia recipe greedy a which it she’s pretty much shows you everything you using Survivalcraft APK MOD you will have god mode. need to know about this or care about anything all blocks terrain plants everything is set out nicely so being said if you want to learn more about the game you can do that on the settings on performance on the they have a lot they have a lot of settings camera angle normal narrow wide there’s pretty much everything is pretty sick about this game audio controls such services block textures which is sick you can’t download different texture packs with in the game. game is awesome you should try it.

Requires Android: 2.3 and Up



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