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Teslagrad APK is different instead of overwhelming the player with exposition. Rain Games has created a stirring story told exclusively through silent puppet shows and exploration. although it’s not clear at first Teslagrad APK as the story of an orphaned boy who is forced to flee his home in order to avoid being kidnapped by an evil madman named Oleg. the chase takes the boy to Tesla Tower which at one time was the epicentre of advanced thinking in technology.

Teslagrad APK Android Free Download 1.7

Its a premium game with NO IAP and NO ADS but you can download Teslagrad APK+DATA free from andropalace. our hero is forced to survive the many perils of the tower and uncover all of its mysteries without giving too much away. this is a simple 2d platformer where the young boy is forced to harness electromagnetic powers and order solve puzzles and make it out of the tower in one piece. At first he’s defenseless and forced to run from every encounter but it won’t take long for our hero to locate a glove with special powers without warning or even explanation he’s given the ability to magnetize objects.

This allows the boy to move blocks out of the way. something of immense importance in this long-forgotten tower. the game is structured like a traditional Metroidvania adventure where players pick up new power-ups to unlock different parts of an interconnected world. The tower is much more straightforward than what we saw an axiom verge. there aren’t any guns to pick up and every powerup is designed to solve puzzles.

Teslagrad APK does a good job of easing players into the challenge. the early puzzles are often simple and a little more than painting different blocks with magnetic colors. you’ll find that most obstacles can be overcome by either propelling or attracting different objects making the boys power extremely. The puzzles are worth well its price. Teslagrad is an amazing offline puzzle game which you should try.

Requires Android: 5.0 and Up

Version: 1.7



Download Links:

Install APK,Place data in Android/obb/ and Play.

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    need the latest version 2.2 please. thank you

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