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The grand finale to The House of Da Vinci trilogy is here! Solve numerous new puzzles and mind benders and explore new mystifying locations of ravishing beauty. Use your wits and observational skills to escape rooms and solve the mysterious story behind one of the world’s most prolific inventors in history.
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Blue Brain Games s.r.o.
Sep 14, 2022
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The third and final title of The House of Da Vinci series is easily the sumptuousest. One of the most acclaimed puzzle-game trilogies in video game history has come to an end, with House of Da Vinci 3. The House of Da Vinci 3 is a uniquely 3D, physical adventure-puzzler game, which brings the world of Leonardo back to life for you to experience.

The House of Da Vinci 3 has also created a unique niche for itself in the game industry, by combining the puzzle-solving first-person experience with a story-driven, intricate adventure design. While The House of Da Vinci 3 is a rather linear experience, the House of Da Vincis puzzles have a fair amount of variety, and the story is engaging.

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In The House of Da Vinci 3, players can expect to join millions of fans in an action-adventure trilogy, traveling back in time to uncover the secrets of Ordo Iustitialis. The 3D time-travelling adventure has a 4.9% average rating, and millions of players are hungry to uncover the truth behind the Ordo Iustitialis, as well as an epic conclusion to Giacomo and Leonardo Da Vincis captivating story. In The House of Da Vinci 3, players can expect to uncover the mysterious truth behind the Ordo Iustitialis, and to discover more of Giacomos adventures, while joining millions of players worldwide on a time-traveling quest across Renaissance Italy.

We let you travel back to your early days as a young apprentice, exploring the world of 16th-century Rome around you, examining Leonardos mechanisms, puzzles, and devices, while ultimately becoming powerful enough to take control of time itself, and uncover secrets hidden within the past. It is time to return to your true identity as Giacomo, so you can gain the life-saving knowledge from Leonardo DaVinci, who is widely considered to be the most exceptional creative and scientific mind ever. Blue Brain Games is a passionate, independent team of artists and developers, who are both fans of puzzle games and of you, the Master. Blue Brain Games has announced the official launch of The House of Da Vinci 3, which allows players to immerse themselves into the mysterious world of the iOS.

I have seen few games on a phone that are this polished. It is not a narrative-driven game, however, it is a phenomenal puzzler, and the story does an excellent job of connecting the puzzles together and making them relate to one another. Each of these puzzles has their own unique logic you need to figure out on your own. Expect plenty of fresh puzzles, an exciting story, and the same (or better) quality everyone has grown to love from our previous games.



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    rg please update version 1.5.9 latest apk version of the house of da vinci 3 please

  2. Just Jay says:

    Same as below. Says problem parsing the package. 2nd try installed fine but when I open the app it goes to a black screen for a second then closes.

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    While installing app it show “app not installed” please help me

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    how much storage required this game because it shows me problem in parsing please help me thanks in advance

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