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Tohu is a beautiful Puzzle Adventure game set in a unique universe. Reveal full story of a small girl and enjoy this amazing offline premium game where you will have to solve amazing puzzles in order to advance in the game.
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Fireart Games
September 24, 2021
8.0 and up
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TOHU is a hand-painted fantasy adventure puzzle game. The graphics and universe is very cute looking. Players will play and switch between two roles in the game. One is our protagonist, a cute little girl, and the other is attached to the protagonist. The mechanical spirit Kubus. You will explore this fantasy world together and help the little girl solve the mystery of her life experience by taking interactive puzzles.

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Experience a classic point-and-click adventure on the weird and wonderful fish planet. Play as a little girl and explore the beautiful environment and solve intricate problems with the company of its mechanical spirit Kubus. The little girl and Kubus will work together to solve the mystery of her life experience and the mysterious truth of the sacred engine that supports her world.

Game Features:-

1. Unique graphics style, each location has a detailed environment.

2. Dozens of obscure creatures, become friends with them.

3. Mini games, innovative puzzles and additional challenges for enthusiasts.

4. You will become a part of a mysterious and exciting story.

5. Christopher Larkin, the music composer of Hollow Knight, created an unforgettable musical atmosphere.

6. There are so many different places in this world, and there are so many adventures waiting for you in those places.

7. You will use your equipment to quickly help yourself to continuously defeat more monsters.

8. Keep killing those monsters, so you can gain more experience and upgrade quickly.

The very fine and beautiful graphics brings the player into a world full of fairy tales. The game has a rich variety of props, and a large number of levels are waiting for you to experience, bringing players the most enjoyable adventure experience.



4 comments on "TOHU APK All Android Devices Support Offline Patched 1.043"

  1. Wells says:

    Waste of data, game not worth it. Thought it’s something like the inner world.

  2. Stonemountain69 says:

    Hey RG! Can u patch company of heroes? Or is it impossible?

  3. Yahiro Mizuchi says:

    Hmm,im gonna wait for Nexomon Extinction full version apk

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