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Zenonia 5 so this is a pretty highly anticipated game we’re gonna go ahead and just jump straight into it take a look so this is the character selection screen you get your choice between four different types characters you have the deserter the mechanic the Paladin and the wizard each one has a some different different play styles answer different skills you also have three different skin types and three from her sausage can choose from CBC what’s the variability in the so the story is canon with be others in only as though this one takes place in same kind have world same universe but this is gonna be some new characters and probably maybe see some familiar faces but who knows as the game goes on gonna get dumped out just into the starting city and you have to go see and this is the game we’re all familiar with the controls a very much the same are some UI changes and there are some kinda new elements to the game but mostly the gameplay is just the same as it always has been action RPG you give its that points would you allocate among your stats you get skill points that allow you to work through skill tree as you see fit but you’re also able to buy equipment as you go and certain equipment slot to tell your certain level but you also have to have enough money and money is one of the issues in the game but with the mod apk file you will have unlimited money.

What’s In The MOD:
1. Free Gold Shoping (Price Reduced to 0)
2. Skill No Cooldown
3. Can Refine
4. Free Repair
5. High Sales Price

Requires Android: 2.2 and Up


Version: 1.2.7


Download Links:



Install APK and Play.

3 comments on "ZENONIA 5 MOD APK 1.2.7"

  1. Cocomocco says:

    Free repair not work. Unable to repair item 😭

  2. Azl says:

    Free shopping is not working. Also it requires internet connection.

  3. Zhyrum says:

    Please remove the no cooldown cheat it makes the game boring. Thank you very much!

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