20 Minutes Till Dawn (Full)

Games where you are flogging through huge waves of enemies, upgrading skills as you go, and just trying to generally stay alive. You choose a character and a gun, then go all out, whether it is to survive until sunrise, or succumb to a wave of enemies. Along with picking a character, who has his or her own passive abilities, such as calling in shadowclones or firing off flame throws with each few bullets, you have your weapons.
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Erabit Studios
Feb 3, 2023
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An action-RPG bullet hell game from the independent studio, 20 Minutes Till Dawn tasks you with surviving the titular time period while fighting off an increasing number of challenging monsters. 20 Minutes Till Dawn puts players up against a never-ending army of enemies drawn from Lovecraftian mythology.

In addition to an endless horde of monsters ready to slay players, 20 Minutes Till Dawn has several bosses who present different types of threats. 20 Minutes Till Dawn gives players 20 minutes to take out enemies using their weapons, which allows for them to level up. Considering that 20 Minutes Till Dawn is a survival game, traits that lean more toward defence are just as valuable. The survival aspects of 20 Minutes Till Dawn can become violent, particularly considering the fact that hits are incredibly dangerous to certain characters who only have one or two hearts to begin with.

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From the name itself, 20 Minutes Till Dawn is compared to climaxes in traditional action-horror films, in which the main characters have to deal with a nearly infinite number of monsters as a last obstacle in their quest to survive through the night. If you can get past a weak Batgun in the middle game and reach a critical mass with it, you will be able to slog through the last minutes of the run. The minute-to-minute, ever-frenzied action in 20 Minutes Till Dawn may seem fairly limiting and repetitive at first, but its branching roguelike systems conceal a surprisingly deep, strategic layer.

The games cycle is interesting, but can get tedious if you are reliant on the same upgrades and are not constantly trying out new builds. There are plenty of reasons to keep playing, mostly for accumulating resources for unlocking more characters, weapons, and runes.

Any earned currency is then used to unlock new weapons and heroes, both of which have the potential to drastically alter play patterns. At the end of the run, which involves survival for 10 or 20 minutes, any currency earned is added back into the pot.

The 10-minute mode is ideal for shorter sessions while you are traveling, and allows for a nice sense of progression. With only 10 minutes left on the clock before nighttime horrors fade away, players are able to hold their position and quell waves of enemies coming out through the darkness. While the 7 characters, 7 types of weapons, and abundant talents and runes of 20 Minutes Till Dawn are more than enough to keep you engaged with every run for endless hours, there is the possibility that more content may be added to the game in future updates.



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    No hastur sir, the last character is only yuki

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    Update to the latest version please. Thank you very much!

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