Amazing Frog?

Amazing Frog? is the original funny mayhem sandbox game. Head to Swindon, UK where everyone’s favorite superhero Amazing Frog? spends all of his chaotic days.
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Nov 1, 2022
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A weirdo, sandbox Goat Simulator-style game. The Amazing Frog is a slightly crazy game, that features tons of physics-based fun, and is set on the planet Swindon and its moon-like equivalent. This easy-but-hilarious, physics-based title, developed by Fayju, has players playing as frogs around the British city of Swindon, exploring via boats, buses, balloons, guns, you name it. In the Amazing Frog Android App, players can collect weapons and gear, as well as explore a variety of engaging scenarios.

Download Amazing Frog? APK For Android Devices

You can download the original game as well as its modded versions on our website. Since the initial release on Steam, the developers are continuously making updates to the game, like the previously released update for V3 of the game, which is an entirely new experience for players. The V2 and V3 versions of Amazing Frog are also available on Steam, while Android and iOS users can download the mobile version.

To find out how this game is so popular across United Kingdom and the surrounding areas, and learn all about all of the features that you are going to be getting, you have to click the download link and try it out for yourself. Players can jump in to this game both on Mobile devices and PCs to begin mayhem and explore the changing town of Swindon.

At the same time, the Amazing Frog Android App has an Achievements system, players can unlock new achievements by completing specific tasks. Everything about the game feels authentic, you will not want to play lighter games which will save memory, it will provide a good gameplay experience.

A fun mobile classic game about the Frog sim, you have to destroy operations all the time here, you also interact with different objects here, that has more real-life physical effects. Floppy, fart-propelled frogs feed chaos in SwindonShires physics-simulated, sandbox world.

Even when everybodys favourite super hero is the Swindons very own, it causes occasional chaos. In the open-world sandbox game Amazing Frog, players take control of an annoying superhero while causing chaos across the UKs Swindon. We love physics-based sandbox games, and we are still surprised by the way gameplay can unfold in different ways every time you play.

What's new

(The first patch)
improvements to zombie movement
fixes to fire
Camera fixes



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