Archery King MOD APK Easy Perfect Shot 1.0.31


Archery King MOD APK is an online archery based PVP Android game from After a huge success of 8 Ball Pool on Android Miniclip brought a new PVP game to Android and its based on PVP Matches with bet on coins and same mechanics as other miniclip online games but its based on Archery. Since its an online game so MOD APK for Unlimited Gold Coins and cash would not help its all visual but perfect zoom is added so you can get perfect 10 out of 10 points in each round easily and making gameplay a lot easier.

People face off against each other and multiplayer online to see who’s the best shooter of arrows. A target very similar to darts if you’ve seen Olympic shooting you pretty much understand how the concept works the game is pretty easy to get into I mean it’s super-easy really it’s one of the simplest games I played you know you just hold the button down your Arrow up you let it go and you hit the target. since its a MOD APK Archery King so you will have advanced Zooming option to hit the target easily and get 10 points each shot. the challenge of the game is that the bow doesn’t stay steady its kind of you know moves around like a sniper scope and other games and kind of fight you and you have to kind of like fight it back to hit the center when plays a factor in the challenge of this game. pushing your arrows left-to-right forcing you to compensate by the leading shots are angling shots to hit the center.

Android Download Archery King MOD APK 1.0.31

There’s two game modes in this game there is a straight-up standard game mode which plays you against one other person and you play best of three rounds. you have two shots per round and whoever you know gets the higher score wins the round if you went two rounds you you win the match. sometimes not often you’ll go into a tie situation and in the tie situation you basically have a shoot-off one arrow and it’s whoever gets closest to the center wins the whole match. the next game mode is called rush it’s basically the same concept universe another person but set of rounds you just have a time limit to shoot as many arrows as you can and whoever gets high score wins. the difference in this game mode is the targets move back and forth.


The game does have a progression system it’s very shallow you basically take the money you win from betting other people online and you by upgraded items bows optic sights for your bows and arrows for bows and basically all the items do one thing kind of push towards one thing and that’s having when affect your shots. so this game is a pay to win structure but I haven’t found that to be a problem so far I feel like most people aren’t willing to put the kind of money into this game for a simple as it is at the end of the day this games a throwaway game. well its a free game and MOD APK Archery King is ready so give it a try.

What’s In The MOD APK of Archery King:-
Easy Zoom Perfect Shot

Requires Android: 4.0 and Up

Version: 1.0.31



Download Links:

Install MOD APK and Play.



  1. Great mod,
    but unfortunately im not able to log in with facebook, so there is no way to keep/transfer my progress ?

    pls help

  2. Thanks a lot RG
    It’s great work ☺

    But try to double coins MOD plz
    Like when I win a match it’s going to won double coin
    Just like that .

    Also some people are did it already!
    I don’t know how!?

    Plz make this MOD
    I know u r The Boss.

  3. I downloaded the game and the wind is still not disabled please help me out how I can disable the wind please help me out

    • uninstall FB then try to login in game. FB popup will appear and you will have to login using your FB ID and Password

  4. Hi RgG…superb MOD…but when i reinstalled am not able to login to facebook…any idea why……..?can you plz rectify it?

    • Play the hard way bruhh….
      Now i have over 800milion and 400cash..just be the top player (at least for 3-4 weeks)
      in ur league ranks to win the cash…

  5. Hey royal gamer.. thank u for the mod.. i love it.. however i cannot login to my fb or Google play account so the progress cannot be saved on fb or google.. please please do something about it..

  6. Hi RG…thanks for the latest mod…but i would like you to increase abit more zoom as this is quite far tho…the previous ver 1011 is gd for me…thanks RG

  7. Hy Royal Gamer. This version 1.0.12 is not perfect shoot. I love your work but come back perfect shoot like 1.0.11. Thank you very much for your time and work.

  8. wow….. amazing modded….. youre the man, thx RG, Hopefull u still follow up this game if someday the game was updated

  9. The Mod is great, however the Zoom is wayyyy to much you can’t do rush or challenge mods easily because the Zoom is in soooo far you have to move around to see the target. The same on the two highest rounds London and Kings castle you have to move around the screen so much to find the target. It needs backed down a bit. Aswell as the sensitivity is crazy fast.

  10. Hi,
    I have downloaded many games from AndroPlace, I feel lazy to type comments in posts but i’m so impressed with your Anchery mod that i couldn’t resist myself to THANK YOU FOR YOUR AWESOME WORK.
    I have tried/played many other apk’s for same also but i some have low senstivity no zoom, other have zoom but no wind mod etc etc,, was not satisfied with mod and my search ends here because i wanted no wind and max zoom,
    and Fortunately I fount it here,
    In one day I won 30,000,000

    All credits goes to you ANDROPLACE ,

    Again i want to mention,


  11. No wind and zoom are awesome. There is no need for premium items. Whoever did this can you please do the No wind on Golf Clash which is also a miniclips game? That would be awesome.


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