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Today’s Remastered Game is Battlefield Bad Company 2 APK MOD which is now supports all devices and firmware. If you have played BFBC2 APK Android in the past then you can download it now to re-visit this amazing game. Its based on unity engine and has amazing FPS gameplay. Battlefield Bad Company 2 APK is now Ready to roll on latest android devices. Remastered version is an HD Version taken from the game’s last build.

Download Battlefield Bad Company 2 APK MOD on Android Remastered

If you have played Battlefield games on PC or console then you have better idea about what this game is about. It’s an offline FPS Shooter from EA and is based on the console bestseller DICE. Battlefield Bad Company 2 APK MOD has different level locations. Let the wrath of the battle erupt in the jungle, in the snow and desert, in the battle of the nearest quarter and in the air. Use for this intuitive controls. Complete 14 missions for one player through 5 well-detailed battle zones. Collect data in jungle heat, arctic snow and desert dust.

The amount of replay-ability is amazing. You can not compare this game with the pc or console version but its a Good FPS Android game. There are several famous weapons to use in the game. Damage enemy forces with your many powerful weapons and vehicles, such as a tank and helicopter. Refer to the arsenal of 14 types of weapons. from a simple knife and grenade to rocket launchers. There are around 3 different control options.Refer to 3 different control schemes. Choose a scheme that suits your fighting style. The graphics looks great even in today’s date. If you have missed this amazing game then you have a chance to play it again.



Install APK,Place data folder “BC2” in Root of your SDCard/ or InternalStorage/ and Play.


17 comments on "Battlefield Bad Company 2 APK Android All Device Support"

  1. Alimager says:

    Android 13 Samsung s21 ultra, tried all APK files but none of them were installed. Any solutions?

  2. Rice says:

    all the texture are missing, anyone help?

  3. Kalel says:

    Pls, is it possible to place obb file in internal storageAndroid obb folder and still play the game

  4. Paul says:

    Rg, try to make some YouTube videos with every game, On how to install or copy paste the file and etc.

    • Royal Gamer says:

      99% of the games comes with APK+OBB and only those classic remaster games has different instructions. You need to place its data folder in InternalStorage

  5. fray says:

    Hi is offline,right?? Fully!
    So need all permission!
    Storage pk,but pgone location andd… why??
    Need for run! Offline or online

    • Royal Gamer says:

      Yes its an offline game. Permissions are unnecessary you can simply deny all of them except the storage one

  6. fray says:

    Hey,I install it and move data to root folder but game stay in first picture stack and dont joined to t game!! Whyyyy!! :_(

    • Royal Gamer says:

      what is your device and android version? it should be working fine since i personally have tested this game on android 11 and 10

  7. Conrad says:

    Hello! I’m loving the nostalgia that your site here brings me, especially with Dead Space, Alien vs Predator: Evolution, and many more!

    I have recommended this site to dozens of players, if not more.

    All that said, I had an idea for a Classic Android game that you do NOT have on this website, that I would LOVE to see “remastered” and UPDATED for the Current version of Android.

    It is perhaps one of the best, most unique games that you can play on Android, and it SORELY needs an update to allow it to run on Modern devices/OS.

    How can I get in contact with you to discuss this?


    – Conrad

  8. Subhrajeet says:

    Plz re-upload the apk and obb file showing file does not exist in server.

  9. Tik tik tik says:

    no one is here to tell clearly where to put the data folder everyone is saying there on story. no help for needers

    • Royal Gamer says:

      Well its clearly written in the post. You have to place data folder in SDCard/ or in other words Root of your SDCard


    I need help where should I install the folder is it In obb or In internal

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