The Division Resurgence Officially on Android See Gameplay Trailer

More news about The Division Rebirth, the first mobile title from The Divisions universe, The Divisions, was finally shared during this weeks Ubisoft Forward event back in September. With many well-known titles making their way to the mobile game space, like Warzone Mobile and Apex Legends Mobile, Ubisoft decided to bring the Division universe to mobile players with The Division Resurgence. Ubisoft has been slowly releasing details, ranging from The Division Resurgences setting, the opportunities players have for playing, and the way microtransactions will function within the newest installment in The Division series.

During Ubisoft Forward, the company revealed new details on The Division Resurgence, the upcoming tactical role-playing game from the company built for mobile. While Ubisoft is looking to take advantage of the mobile game market with The Division Resurgence, they are also rolling out more content for PC and console owners. It is one of a handful of franchises from the company that are making their way into mobile, alongside titles such as Rainbow Six and even Assassins Creed.

While the divisions mobile spin-offs have not exactly lived up to the visual quality of its mainline series, Ubisoft has said before that Resurgence is triple-A, featuring a original story, and is set in a massive, open-world city environment in New York. Announced back in July, The Divisions mobile spin-off is Ubisofts mobile take on the Tom Clancy-versed looter-shooter. Tom Clancys The Division Rebirth is set to be the first game to bring the fictional Dark Zone to mobile. Tom Clancys The Division Resurgence is a third-person shooter mobile game that is currently in development at Ubisoft.

From Assassins Creed Mirage to The Division Heartland, players were given exciting details on the upcoming titles by Ubisoft. The company confirmed more content is coming to The Division 2. In this latest reveal, we learned more about the games version of The Dark Zone, a PvP system featured in past The Division games which is set to return to mobile titles. A mobile version of a triple-A title that was originally made for consoles and PCs might be cause for some hesitation from players, but The Division Rebirth is touted as being tailored specifically to phones, and it is going to deliver unique, fresh experiences.

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