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Call of Duty Heroes Hi everyone, so today I’m taking a look at Call of Duty Heroes on Android. Now the first thing I should say is I’m not particularly fond of these style of games.In the past they have been nothing but a big cash cow with sub-par graphics, not a particularly interesting story and game mechanics which really just feel like they’re trying to fleece your wallet. And so I fully expected to go into Call of Duty Heroes and find something that really wasn’t going to appeal to me, that wouldn’t keep me playing for even 20 minutes and so it was interesting to find this game Call of Duty Heroes really pulled me in. In part it might be the Call of Duty universe and the way they’ve kind of tied it back through Call of Duty’s past. The structure here is really ripped from all of the previous games of this type. You build your base you invade other bases, you get invaded, you upgrade your base. All of this is very much the muchness but for some reason the things that I usually hate about these games Call of Duty Heroes aren’t weighing on me quite as much with this particular title. Now perhaps it’s the world that this game is inhabiting, as I’ve said. But there’s something quite interesting going on here. It’s still a cash cow and it still desperately wants your wallet but at least through that first hour to two hours of the game it does feel like a game and something that’s quite engaging and fun to play. You have the usual option of a mission structure which allows you to unlock additional resources as well as attacking other players in PvP. On the PVP side everything is about the base your opponent has built and whether you’re going to be able to overcome their defences Call of Duty Heroes and destroy them, thus taking their resources. On the other side of the equation is the campaign structure which is really a kind of test your mettle. Think of it as a little bit like Angry Birds. The base has been set up by the developers and you’re going to have to try and work out the strategy of how best to complete it and get those three stars. Call of Duty Heroes MOD APK 2.1.0

Call of Duty Heroes The graphics here are really, really good, especially good for this type of game. If you actually zoom into the world map as it were either whilst you’re building your base,or whilst you’re attacking, you can really see a lot of detail here. The character models are quite nicely realised, even for a top-down perspective. It all feels very command and conquery and maybe that’s the vibe I’m getting here which is keeping me engaged in playing. Now I’m afraid those in-app purchases are there and they cut across the usual gamit of things we come to expect from these sorts of games. You can buy more energy, you can buy more oil, you can buy more gold, and you can buy a shield which will stop you being attacked by other players.There’s certainly a lot here to enjoy, as a pick-up-and-play game,as a more of a build a base and defend your base and attack other bases game.It’s also quite good.Call of Duty Heroes MOD APK 2.1.0 High attacking damage.

What’s In The MOD: Thanks to iAndroHacker
High Damage

Requires Android: 2.3 and Up

Version: 2.1.0



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