Call of Duty Warzone Mobile

Call of Duty®: Warzone™ Mobile is ushering in the next era of Call of Duty® franchise with the highest quality Battle Royale mobile game experience, featuring authentic Call of Duty®: Warzone™ style combat, weapons, movement and vehicles.
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Activision Publishing Inc.
April 14, 2023
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Warzone Mobile represents the beginnings of a unifying Call of Duty experience, where progression from one title will transfer over to another. Call of Duty Warzone Mobile will also allow players to perform a variety of customizations on game mechanics and interface. With Warzones success, Call of Duty fans are now anticipating that Warzone Mobile will surpass the portable multiplayer titles when it releases, even competing with Warzone 2–which was on dire straights until Season 2.

All of the classic Verdansk POIs, including Downton, SuperStore, and Dam, would return for the faithful transition to Mobile. The mobile version features Verdansk maps from the original game, which will aid players understanding of the battle royale format, which allows 100 players at once to enter the game. Activision COD Mobile has already had their battle royale game available to players and the game itself is extremely popular.


use AUSTRALIA VPN to play the game



9 comments on "Call of Duty Warzone Mobile"

  1. Groundz says:

    How the apks file works? Do I need to run them all?

  2. Danielson says:

    Mine just stuck at Activision and won’t move from there……any solution?

  3. BananaMan says:

    RG I can’t even load the game, can you please tell us which ‘Australia VPN?

  4. Kamlesh Chawda says:

    App installed successfully. Started the game it says app version is outdated.

    Can you please check on this

    • Mike says:

      Is there a certain vpn we should use? I’m using nord vpn and it just keeps saying I’m not connected to the internet. The game opens and when I try to jump in a match it won’t let me because it says I’m not connected to internet. I’ve also tried on my 5g as well and I get the same error.

  5. meme ko says:

    RG when i open the game it says unsupported gpu i dont why and what it means?im using infinix

    • Mike says:

      My guess is your phones graphics card isn’t good enough for the game or your graphics card isn’t supported yet. It’s a very intense graphics game and you’ll definitely need a good phone to play this. It’s definitely not going to work on lower end devices.

  6. Vinit Toon says:

    RG can you also please upload a working VPN for the game please?

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