So finally we have got COD MOBILE APK or Call of Duty Mobile APK MOD Legends of war on android. CODM APK MOD is now Available Globally for all the Android and ios Devices. Call Of Duty Mobile APK MOD is developed by TIMI STUDIO GROUP and Publishing by Tencent Games. They are same developers who has brought us PUBG MOBILE on Android.

Call Of Duty Mobile APK is currently in development and more contents are being added. Game starts with little tutorial and all you just have few options in the main menu like Multiplayer or Single Player. Since game is still in development so you will not see much for now. just like pubg mobile you will see more of the season passes and elite passes soon. till then enjoy the Call Of Duty Mobile APK MOD free with its full weaponry and easy to unlock contents.

Download Call Of Duty Mobile APK CODM 1.0.10

As you know Activation has partnered with Tencent to bring call of duty experience on Android. They have pretty much succeeded. Their game is built using Unreal engine the same engine which is used in making PUBG MOBILE. Its gameplay and graphics are more comparable with the PS3 versions of call of duty games. Console quality graphics and options to play it on 60 FPS makes it much more enjoyable. Call Of Duty Mobile APK MOD has different modes and gameplay options to choose. You can go Single player Campaign mode or go Co-Op take out zombies in squad mode with your friends. Multiplayer is much more competitive and rewarding since you will have all the iconic Call Of Duty Maps and their multiplayer game modes.

Since CALL OF DUTY LEGENDS OF WAR APK is only available in few countries you can easily download its APK+DATA from Andropalace. You will not need to use any VPN Software or anything. but you can not use Facebook login since its available only in few countries. Graphically Call Of Duty Mobile APK is amazing. If they add Battle Royale Mode somehow then this game will easily get lots of user base. But for the COD Lovers this game is heaven on their phones. Call Of Duty Mobile is for those who loves close combat real competitive challenges.

Features Of Call Of Duty Mobile:-
Full Call Of Duty FPS Experience on Android
Amazing HDR Graphics and Gameplay
Amazing optimization, Unlock 60 FPS Mode
Iconic Call Of Duty Maps and Heroes
Select From Wide verities of weapons
Take on Zombies in Squad Mode with your friends
Complete Single Player Campaign Missions
Get Easy Rewards and Unlock Extra contents easily


What’s New: v 1.0.10
“Season 3 Update is Live!
• New Black Ops III and Yellow Snake themed rewards for ranked leaderboards
• New Premium and Free Battle Pass rewards
• New Multiplayer maps and limited time game modes
• New Multiplayer Operator coming soon
• Battle Royale will soon receive a new area!
• New Battle Royal Mode and Class coming soon
• Various bug fixes and optimizations”

Requires Android: 5.0 and Up

Version: 1.0.10



Download Links:

Install APK,Place data in Android/obb/ and Play.



  1. wait , what !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! can play single player campaign , yahoooooooooooooooooooo :) let the fun about to begin , cant wait any more me and my mobile to release world wide

  2. we are excited to see your interest in call of duty mobile, but unfortunately we are not yet ready to release the game in your area..THAT’S WHAT IT SAYS RG..

  3. I chose the Canada, Montreal 2 Server, but it says that it isn’t available in that area. Any other areas that I should choose for my VPN instead of Canada?

    • Activision have banned use of all VPN on this game for the time being. The VPN software developers are trying to find a way around this problem.

  4. i think the beta is already finish so you cant login on it anymore even when using vpn, tried every vpn available but still doesnt work, already played this game before but recently, i cant login on it anymore… it wont go to lobby, there is an error saying that the beta test is over, so you cant play with it anymore… only if there is a country that is still playing it then maybe you can still play, already tried canada and australia but still same error… hope this game will be released already so that we can play it…

      • then why cant i play it anymore, i was playing it before, and then in this update, i cant open it anymore using the same vpn…

        • There’s a couple of reasons why it may not be correctly installed.. 1. If you have an older version of it still installed, then you have to first delete that app (version 1.0.3.) 2. Make sure you extracted your game then moved your data file to the obb file destination and of course don’t forget to install the newest version of the game 1.0.4.

    • Beta is not finished. this is very simple… You are not using the correct vpn. I always use UFO vpn and I always connect to Australia. I know how to get unlimited playing time. If you don’t know how to get unlimited playing time using UFO vpn then you just have to watch the free video ads to have your playing time add up.
      I can definitely show you proof that the beta is open and my UFO vpn works and the game works…
      Email me at my email address
      [email protected]
      I will send you screenshots of everything and I will write on the screenshot whatever you want it to say.

  5. THE BETA IS NOT FINISHED AT ALL!! you have to connect from China or Australia now to make it work .. the UFO VPN app from dreamFii (7 days free in pro version, otherwise you have to eat commercials on the free version) seems to work well, there are even servers dedicated to COD (I have not found other vpn to connect for the moment ..)

  6. Working fine on my Huawei P30 Pro – No problems whatsoever.

    1 quick question ……… what is the mod please chaps.


    • What the hell is a poco phone… Never heard of it… It’s probably a cheap phone with not enough power to support Call of Duty.. I play mine on my Galaxy S10 plus with no problem

      • This is the typical response of the narrowminded, pea-sized brain mobile phone users who thought Quality needs to be high priced. Bitch please, Pocophone packs enough power to run anything.

        • If that’s the case then why isn’t Call of Duty working on your phone and it is mine… Oh wait.. I know why… It doesn’t pack enough punch to run anything.. 😂 😂 😂 😂.

          • I’ll explain this in a way your pea brain can comprehend:


            Nuff said. I wont argue anymore here since i cant afford to lower my wit on an idiot.

          • If you buy Samsung s10 in india its Totally shit. I am using s8 for long time its bad really bad as compaired to usa Variant.Samsung is good if its has snapdragon Exynos is terrible.

          • You’re the idiot because you were the one complaining that you were unable to play.. Mine works perfectly fine..I’m done talking to you…IDIOT!

          • Hey man, its Loco’s that its not working. Mine does. It works when youre using VPN since i think COD only works on certain countries like India.

            Im sorry, but i just cant stand people who belittle things that are cheap (for us, its practical and valuable) but has quality. Trash talkers are just people who never given love by their parents. I hope you’re not one.

  7. Game is working fine for me tho i am not from India….Also Indian users can play without VPN…and try to use different VPN if xpress dont work for you….or try to change proxy to China…

  8. Rg does the
    ExpressVPN work on this?
    And Rg the Requires Android is 5.0 and Up, my Android ver. Is 6.0.1 when i Run the Game it say the Game doesn’t meet the requirements something like that?

  9. this apk ONLY works on selected regions like india, other than that you NEED to use vpn, because the game is still in early access beta. if it didnt work on your country, just wait until the global version came next month.

  10. Not one thing has worked dude… Tried several vpns and selected India on all… That never worked and now it’s saying that servers are under maintenance? Please fix this as I have waited for days now

  11. In my mobile game is working.. from wifi data its show error in guest n facebook login.. but after using mobile data guest login succes… Use mobile data to play the game…

  12. Hi,
    Game stucks at the option where we have to make a call name…does not go forward after we type in any name…please check it

  13. Sadly you can’t play it, I tried to play via a guest account and when I am choosing a name it says that I need to choose a different one (tried it with multiple ones). Don’t know what to do anymore!

  14. Im so happy to see the COD Legends of war and i see partner with Tencent ? Now ok its online no more happy time why the game is online cant be played offline


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