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Choices MOD APK with VIP and Premium Features Unlocked. I have included all problems and their solutions in the post below. Kindly read properly to fix your problems.
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Mar 21, 2024
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So today i am going to write and cover all of the topics and errors which you guys face while using Choices MOD APK. Since you are using Choices Stories You Play MOD APK since long time and you are addicted to this game and its MOD Features Like Free Premium Choices, Premium Outfits and VIP Account for Free. You might be facing some issues and errors so we will be talking about why this happened and how to fix these issues.

Basic Information about Choices Stories You Play:-
Its a Text based story game where you choices matters. You will be playing as some characters and following their stories. What you have to do here is take decisions of that particular character and it determines the outcome of a story which you are reading. Choices Stories You Play is a most downloaded text based story game available on the play store.

Easily Safe Guard your Choices MOD Save Using Facebook:-

Since you are using MODDED APK so you will have no chance to connect it to google play game and save your save game but you can use Facebook for it. Here its how. First you have installed MODS APK right now you need to connect it to Facebook and i Assume you already have a Facebook App Installed Right? well When you have Facebook App Installed and trying to connect Facebook Account with Choices you will face errors. But if you uninstall Facebook App then try login you will be succeeded in it. And your FB account will be added and your save profile is now saved. Now you can Install Facebook App again and use it like normally.

Note:- If you have Pre-Installed Facebook App then you can not uninstall it right. Well You can still disable Facebook App from Phone Settings>Applications>Manage APPs>Facebook>Disable App. When you are done connecting it you can simply enable your FB App again.

Choices MODS and MOD Features:-

Since its a freemium game so there are plenty of ways which you will need to pay using IAP but downloading Choices MODS you will have access to choose Premium Stories for Free it means unlimited Diamonds and also you will have Premium Outfits unlocked and a VIP Account with it. Some VIP Perks are server sided and this is the reason why you face such errors. Ill explain errors and fixes now.


1) I have an Older Version of Choices MODS now How Can i Update it?
Ans:- Since you have downloaded our Choices MODS you will have to come back to this page and get the latest updated MOD APK and simply install Latest Version MOD APK over your installed Old Version of the game. (No Need to uninstall Old Version)

2) I am facing Version Conflict Error in Choices Games while using MOD APK?
Ans:- Choices is an online game so there are two sides to it first is game client which is installed in your phone and another one is a server which is basically stores online on choices servers. Now i assume you are using VIP APK and you want to use Unlimited Keys of Choices MODS but the problem is actually you do not have unlimited keys on server,its showing infinite keys on your game client so if you are trying to play Books but you do not have keys then you will face Version Conflict errors while playing Books in Choices. So just wait for the Keys Replenish and you will be able to play it again. I recommend you to kindly play using NON VIP MOD APK. Because NON VIP MOD Features are all related to game client and does not affect server features.

Note, FAQs:-
1) How to Play VIP Books in Choices Stories you play.
Answer:- You have a Choices Stories You Play VIP APK but the books strings are server sided so you can not play VIP Books for now. Maybe in future if i manage to do it ill post here.
I have tried to cover all the problems and fixes so if any of your friend need some help regarding this then please share this post to your friends and ask them to ready it properly.

What's In The MOD:

Note: We will update the VIP mod to 3.2.0 soon


  • Unlimited Keys
  • Unlimited Free Premium Choices
  • Unlocked Outfits


  • Everything from MOD


2,013 comments on "Choices MOD APK 3.2.0 | VIP | Unlimited Keys | Diamonds"

  1. Alhapra says:

    So, what is the recharge time of the key? Every 3 hour with max of two right?

    And do you guys think the VIP version is better because we can have access to some episode earlier even though the key is not really unlimited?

  2. vishir says:

    Need update for new books very much

  3. Darren says:

    I get a version of conflict popping up when I try to open a book I got this game yesterday (the VIP) any possible fixers?

    • wintelu says:

      try deleting cache memory of the app, it worked for me

    • Moka says:

      It actually updates on its own. Go to the explore tab and see if the book you’re reading is still getting released. I experienced this with Chapter 18 of Kiss of Death. I got the same error message you did, but I realized Chapter 18 doesn’t release until tomorrow. So check if the chapter of a book you’re on is still waiting to come out.

  4. Rilez says:

    Hello please can you update this as an error keeps coming and we cannot play the next chapter. Thank you!

  5. Cassie says:

    Guys is there going to be an update soon? There’s a new book I cannot open and I’m not sure why, but was hoping an update might fix.

  6. NoFbAccount says:

    Somehow, I can’t log into my google or facebook account. So weird.

    • Hi says:

      It is because if you log in while using a Mod Apk, the programmer’s system will notice and they will ban you

      • lovetxt says:

        i used to play with my facebook linked on mod apk and i didnt get banned everything was okay!! im sad because i finished 2 books of queen b and i wanted to log again but i cant:(

  7. Damaris says:

    Guys I don’t know what to do. Choices will not load unless I use my phone hot spot. I think this is because of the recent Android update. I play on my tablet. Please email me back with an answer. I’m so sad I can’t play and I can’t be connecting my Hotspot every single time

  8. GMP says:

    Choices has a update and I can’t play unless I update the app. But there is no option to update here either and it is updating form anywhere else what do I do

    • Sarah says:

      Mine too. Today, april 13, i try to play, but a message appeared for me to update.

    • riri says:

      U just have to go through the process of downloading the mod in the same way
      you did before and it will automatically ask you if you want to update.Make sure u do it in andropalace not in playstore.

  9. Ez says:

    I can no longer sign into Facebook to sync my data, what can I do to fix this?

  10. Hannah says:

    Thank you so much for making this. You guys are amazing. <3

  11. Ann says:

    The app shows that it has infinite keys and diamonds and I was able to play for more than 2 episodes in one go, however after like 3 or 4 episodes in, I get the notification “We’ve detected a version conflict and need to refresh your Home page to fix it.” and will be unable to continue playing
    I tried uninstalling and reinstalling but I’ll lose my progress and the same thing will happen again, any ways to fix this?

  12. ShortyStarRose says:

    I can’t get any of my books too work it’s says I need to refresh the home page I refresh but I says it VIP one

    • Cassie says:

      Because even though it says unlimited Keys you don’t get unlimited keys you have to wait a few hours then you can play the next chapter

  13. Amina Adams says:

    Hello. I tried to update to 3.0 version but it keeps saying it detected comflict with existing package.

  14. Tiny dancer says:

    Is there no way to make this available for IOS users at all? Please

  15. Megan says:

    Thanks for always updating so quickly! Your mods are always so reliable. I have the VIP mod and everything works perfectly: Unlimited keys & VIP book access (because of my real life VIP subscription – check that in the description because that’s the only way for the VIP mod to work as stated), and unlimited diamonds thanks to this mod!

  16. Tejas says:

    Please give update regarding latest app as we are unable to get unlimited keys and we have to wait 3 hours for keys to replenish

  17. Martin says:

    Mod still doesn’t support x64, making it impossible to install on new devices like Pixel 7! Can you please update this?

  18. Sam Throne says:

    The only problem so far that everyone seems to have is the limited keys issue…

    The VIP mod apk is useless and the infinity keys symbol is not real.

    Can you please try to solve the limited number of keys problem in any mod version (normal or VIP)

  19. MOON says:

    Hi, I can’t seem to sing in into my Facebook on the 2.9.8 version.

  20. NayRui says:

    Please update…
    I tried to upgrade version from 2.9.4 to this latest version. However when i try to open the story it only loading and doesn’t seem to stop..

  21. davood says:

    Is there really no way to fix the version conflict error after playing two chapters in a row? The infinity symbol over the keys really seems to be there just for show.

  22. Küyen says:

    I can’t loggin in My account:( not with facebook por google

  23. Mohit says:

    The app was working fine but now I was playing one of the stories and the next chapter won’t open. Every time I click play it says “We’ve detected a version conflict and need to refresh your Home page to fix it.” I tried uninstalling and reinstalling it and I got all my progress back without any problem but the chapter still doesn’t work and says the same thing again.

  24. Xvi says:

    Can you add unlimited keys plssss it would be perfect
    I’m suffering I have to wait 3 hours just to read a chapter

  25. Innn says:

    Can you make it unlimited keys to pliss🥲

  26. Jordan says:

    The vip books don’t work whatsoever am i the only who can’t play em

    • MadladJaba says:

      It states clearly that VIP books are not playable even with the VIP APK
      You do get unlimited Keys though

      • Mikki says:

        VIP actually worked for the first couple of chapter’s (untill chapter 3) then they stopped working. But if you do log out and get the regular app (no apk) you can unlock the next chapter from there.

  27. plsss says:

    Aww the latest update only has unlimited diamonds :( pls make it to have unli keys as well.. thanks so much

    • MadladJaba says:

      Download the VIP version and you get unlimited Keys

      • Kara says:

        I can’t seem to get the unlimited diamond to be working.. It still says 65 diamonds only and it decreases everytime I use it.. Does it not work as of now or am I downloading the wrong version? If I uninstall the mod apk file and install The VIP, it definitely works as I see
        the infinite sign next to the keys.. Can you please help?

      • Cassie says:

        I’ve done that and I still have to wait and wait

  28. Moonlight_Siren says:

    How I wish you can make it free diamonds and keys and VIP at the same time

  29. Ani says:

    When I complete a chapter, and click on collect (to collect the reward), it gets stuck!! How to solve this?

  30. Sam says:

    hi, I’m recently having audio problems; as in no music is playing even tho I’ve checked the settings and my phone is fine. and since I’m using the mod apk and not the original one, I figured you could help me? I’d appreciate it.

  31. Appph says:

    Hello! How do i fix version conflict? Huhuhu

  32. Kaori says:

    Hi, I downloaded this just frequently and i experienced something that is quite annoying. How do i fix a version conflict? The book that i experinced this is immortal desires. Is it possible to be fixed?

  33. Hazel says:

    How to solve the version conflict issue? Any possibility for the extra keys?

  34. nicole says:

    after i upgraded phone recently and transferred all apps and apk file from my previous phone, i logged in to my account through facebook as usual and realised it doesn’t load up my saved game. just asked me to agree terms and conditions and brought me to home page where 0 books have been read! am so mad! already tried reinstalling facebook and this apk file and same thing. can anyone help please!

  35. Shaw says:

    I can’t log in to Facebook for some reason… It says there was an error with logging in with this application… Any help?

    • Shaw says:

      Nevermind this comment (got it working) but now I don’t have unlimited keys? Is this normal and not a thing with this or are you supposed to have unlimited keys?

      • whocares616 says:

        yes it is normal
        if you want unlimited keys you will need to sub on google play ver of the game
        make sure to log in with your facebook then after you sub reinstall this ver of the game and you will have unlimited keys as well as free choices

        • Sarah says:

          There are few new released vip books, they jjst wont open. It says “contacting server” loads for only a second but doesnt continue, nothing happens. When i click again to read the book, same happens. I tried upgrading the version to 2.9.7 which is the latest one, tried running it again but same happens, why?
          This just happens to few vio books, and not others. Please fix the issue, thanks alot <3

        • RLMick says:

          What do you mean sub? And does it cost money?

  36. sh says:

    For several days, it shows the number of my keys as zero, and every time I select a book, it shows this message:
    Please log into google on your device and restart choices ! Choices will now close

    What should i do?

  37. Lux says:

    Does the newest update work for Pixel 7 pro (android 13)? I heard if it doesn’t it has to do with 32 bit vs 64 bit (Pixel 7 series only supports 64 bit)/a CPU version conflict.

  38. whocares616 says:

    if i buy vip from the ver on google play
    will it carry over to this ver if i am logged in to the same fb acct

  39. Naruto says:

    Does vip mod work?

    • whocares616 says:

      not for me it does not
      always causes conflict with tickets and collecting diamonds at the end of each chapters with the bounus diamonds

  40. Yukino says:

    It’s giving me an error of version conflict even when I downloaded the mod only version as guided. Older updates worked fine for me, have been using your apks for a long time. This one was already giving errors so I updated it thought the problem would be fixed. But it’s the still the same?

    • Dayz says:

      If you can, download the vip mod on an android and on another device (I’m using my iphone) download the app store Choices. Link them to the same FB account. From my iPhone, I pay $15 a month to get unlimited keys AND free premium choice AND the diamonds (rewards after chapters and daily) store up on both (I have almost 3,000 now!) If you can’t do this then just download the regular mod and wait for keys to regenerate

      • Rufus says:

        Then why did you download the mod then??? If you have bought premium alr then why download the mod????

        • Nico says:

          I do that too (buy vip then get the mod) because I don’t want spend my diamonds on terrible steamy books but I want to know what happens if I buy the scenes

  41. Coolman525 says:

    When I use this my platinum choices don’t go from one book to the other

  42. jason says:

    can some 1 tell me what i am doing wrong
    i installed the game
    i log on using face book
    but game treats it like the normal ver of the game
    no free diamonds no free keys no free vip

    • jax says:

      you’re not supposed to get any of those, just free choices, the diamond ones will just not cost you and you’ll still be able to keep earning them as you play.

    • Dayz says:

      If you can, download the vip mod on an android and on another device (I’m using my iphone) download the app store Choices. Link them to the same FB account. From my iPhone, I pay $15 a month to get unlimited keys AND free premium choice AND the diamonds (rewards after chapters and daily) store up on both (I have almost 3,000 now!) If you can’t do this then just download the regular mod and wait for keys to regenerate

  43. gen says:

    why theres a problem after one book can play the next book

  44. Vent says:

    When I finish one chapter in VIP mode I can’t collect the diamond and got stuck how I fix it?

  45. X says:

    Hi, I’ve downloaded your VIP APK (which is amazing, by the way) and, lately, I’ve been struggling with a problem I’m unable to fix: I’m in the middle of a book now, but every time I try to load a new chapter of said book, the game says the following: “We’ve detected a version conflict and need to refresh your Home page to fix it”
    I’ve tried everything, including restarting the application several times, but with no success. If you guys could help me out, I would really appreciate it!
    Thanks in advance for your time and availability!

  46. Akil says:

    i have a doubt can i use unlimited diamonds mod apk and buy vip in it? will the vip work?

    • whocares616 says:

      you will need to buy vip in the real app on google play
      make sure you log in to your fb acct that you will use with this ver

  47. Aryavansh Gupta says:

    Hi I have downloaded the mod but it keep saying version conflict etc etc pls help

  48. Mark Anthony says:

    After finishing one chapter, I received 2 VIP diamonds. Problem arose because it stuck on that page and, even if I click Collect, it didn’t proceed. Please fix it.

  49. Ash says:

    I followed the instruction to connect with my Facebook account, but even if it is not giving an error, it seems to load but then I it just doesn’t sign in… Any solution?

    • Abbie says:

      You need to delete the Facebook app. And then try signing in again and it will take you to Facebook Web login

    • Mohit says:

      The app was working fine but now I was playing one of the stories and the next chapter won’t open. Every time I click play it says “We’ve detected a version conflict and need to refresh your Home page to fix it.” I tried uninstalling and reinstalling it and I got all my progress back without any problem but the chapter still doesn’t work and says the same thing again.

  50. Hiiilie says:

    The VIP doesn’t work for me plss fix it

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