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Codex of Victory features an extensive story-driven, single-player campaign that tasks you with building and commanding a hi-tech army of drone vehicles, tanks and robots.
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Nov 6, 2022
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Codex of Victory is an action-packed sci-fi turn-based strategy game combined with real-time build elements. Strategy games are becoming a rare breed these days, and when I came across Codex of Victory, a turn-based game with base-building elements that are similar to those found in real-time strategy, I jumped on it right away. Codex Of Victory follows a specific model to its turn-based strategy combat, where you get a general overview over your entire map, and can give commands to your troops and plan out your strategy ahead. There is not a lot of effects or other graphic tidbits since Codex of Victory is turn-based, with exactly the same animations of attacks and explosions each time your units collide.

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The turn-based nature of Codex of Victory again means audio effects for combat and other events are minimal, making the game feel quiet and drab at times. You will probably play through the game twice, at the very least the second time will be at the hardest difficulty (I did not notice any changes in AI, just a lot more units).

The timer while building structures on base suspiciously alludes to free-to-play mechanics. While there are planets with regions maps, and an XCOM-style base in which you build facilities, you only can assault regions in strictly prescribed orders, and base facilities are upgraded only after collecting blueprints that are fed to you as you progress through the story. Speaking of XCOM, the base buildings in the Victory Codex are strongly inspired by those found in XCOM, and there is a fair amount that you can build for your base which aids in your future endeavors.

In addition to fighting on the hexagonal gridscape throughout an expansive campaign, you will also build up a underground military base in a manner which is rather similar to the amazing Fallout shelter(Free). The expansive narrative provides a compelling blend of real-time base-building, grand strategy planning, and turn-based combat. Now, we must protect our territories and push back, in order to preserve our realm and all humanity as we know it!Codex of Victory features a sprawling, story-driven, single-player campaign, which tasks you with building and commanding an advanced military composed of unmanned vehicles, tanks, and robotics. Travelling across planets and territories, your singular mission is to stop Augments — an odd breed of transhuman cyborgs driven by the desire to free normal humans from the limitations of their entirely organic bodies.

Your task is to stop the Augments, a race of transhuman cyborgs driven by a goal of liberating humans from the limitations of their biological bodies. All the points made above are not actually breaking the game, just moving it out of great> into the ok> category. The game requires forethought and thinking in advance, and the fact you are building units prior to the fight means if you are not planning, you could be losing the game on a no-preparation/no-units basis. Once the combat starts, the Action Points System takes over and dictates what actions players are allowed to perform.

What's new

- English voiceover is added! It is available by default.
- Balance tuned. Reduced amount of generated missions.
- Various bugfixes and optimization



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