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Colt Express APK is an Offline Board Android game from Asmodee Digital. Its a Digital Version of Colt Express Board game.It’s a mobile version of a board game which i’ve actually played with real living humans. The idea of it is you take control of a train robber and taking all the loots from the train and release your other robber friends.Its a Paid game in the play store but from Andropalace you can get Colt Express APK for Free.

Colt Express APK Android Free Download 1.1.0

You are a Train robber and you’re trying to take as much stuff from this train as possible while a bunch of other train robbers are also trying to loot the train so you’re kind of in competition against one another. there is a marshal on board who is trying to look after his train and stop stealing all the stuff that takes place over a number of rounds each which take place in different environments. somewhere out in the open track like some of them go through tunnels which means you have modifiers are thrown into the game.

The interesting element of it is that the games actions are played out via card so you have a hand of cards down at the bottom and you can choose to either move between carriages you can choose to punch people.punching them pushes them into the next carriage and into the carriage with the marshal. marshal just shot him so he’s taken two bullets in one turn which is really good for me i can choose to pick up loot and hold onto it which is obviously what I want to do.

The most interesting is that when you play the cards when you work at what you’re going to do that around you sort of play them blind to some degree so what you end up doing.just open play that you can choose the different characters as about 50 think and they all have different kind of qualities. there are no unique things that they can do some computer walls and some can punch people and not be moved in that kind of stuff so it’s up to you. Its a fun game and i am definitely going to play more.

Requires Android: 4.4 and Up

Version: 1.1.0



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Install APK,Place data folder in SDCard/Android/obb/ and Play.

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