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Now I love a good modern shooter, but every now and then, it’s nice to go back and play a classic. Contra Returns APK MOD is a fine example of a side scrolling shoot em up. But it’s actually a lot more than that! This game has a lot of variety, switching between side scrolling and top down shooting. Just like Double Dragon, it’s probably best known as an NES game- but original was created in 1987 by Konami for the arcades. Finally Its online version Contra Returns MOD APK is now released in English version by Garena.

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You play as Bill and Lance- obvious clones of Schwarzenegger and Stallone. And speaking of movies, this original game came out the year after James Cameron’s Aliens- and the influence is obvious, especially towards the end of the game. So onto the gameplay. It’s very much about pushing forwards fast. You don’t just jump- you spin all over like a war machine gymnast. And you mow down a tonne of enemies in no time at all. Within the first second of playing, you’ve killed two people. You can shoot in eight different directions, meaning that no one on the screen is safe. To shoot on the diagonals, you have to be moving forward- so you’re rarely standing still.

There’s isn’t any careful sniping in this game! You do get a range of different weapons though, like the spread shot. since Contra Returns APK MOD is a freemium online game you will see many obstacles,paid characters and all. Since its an online game so Contra Return MOD APK for Unlimited Money is not possible. There are some bosses to fight, as well as some minibosses. These cars are a pain in the ass- with the standard gun you’re gonna give your fingers blisters trying to take these out in time. It’s a game that’s fun to try and master.

What’s In The MOD APK:- Thanks to GAMEMOD.PRO
God Mode
Unlimited Ammo
No Skill CD

Requires Android: 4.0 and Up




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Install APK,Place data in Android/Obb/ and Play.

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  1. Zain Syed says:

    Plz update the game

  2. Zain Syed says:

    Game is not working, it shows only black screen.

  3. Dev says:

    It says not available in your country.Should I download it.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I need update for this game please

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