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Actraiser Renaissance combines 2D platforming action with a City-building simulation game. The story is about battling Evil and saving world from the evil forces. You will be upgrading your city as well as fight enemies in 2D Platformer style. MOD Menu is added so you can use Menu to Enable or Disable various MOD Features.
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Nov 26, 2023
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Actraiser Renaissance APK is a brand new remake version of the classic horizontal action game “Actraiser Renaissance”.

The remastered is called “Actraiser Renaissance”. The 2D image is updated to achieve high resolution, and the picture becomes more beautiful and refined. The entire original composition was adapted by Mr. Yuzo Koo + about 15 new songs have been added. In addition to the new story/action module/game system, players can also enjoy brand-new action levels, newly created maps, and battles with more powerful new bosses that are not in the original game. In addition, functions such as automatic saving and difficulty setting have been added, making it easier to play.

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In the remakethe player will act as a god to regain the world ruled by Satan. The game will be divided into two parts. In the action part, the player will use sword skills and magic to continuously hit monsters to liberate the earth. The creative part will be rebuilt in the action part. As the town is rebuilt, the player’s value will also be improved.

In addition to adding magic that is not in the original work, it also adds evasion actions and up/down attacks. Players can enjoy a more advanced action experience.

At the end of the new action level, a boss who is more powerful than the original is waiting for you.

Added midway save/auto save function to improve game operation and make playing easier.

The development stage of the city has been added, and players can enjoy the city planning for a longer time.

Added the real-time strategy (RTS) part of God and people working together to defend the city against enemy invasion. Players can enjoy the fun of orthodox strategy simulation, where the layout of the fortress and the timing of releasing the miracle are the key to the strategy. Added many additional plots, in which players can experience human weakness, stupidity and cuteness. The plot weight has more than doubled.

In the vast newly created map, players can enjoy city planning for longer than any other area.



18 comments on "Actraiser Renaissance APK ORIGIN+MOD Menu 1.1.2"

  1. The Conquerer says:

    Bro RG, can u pls tell if it’s armv8/armv7?

  2. Axie says:

    hi rg, can you help me pls.. how to build block houses in mobile?. i cant find the L or R buttons

    (In the building fort screen you have a choice to change the type of fortification to construct when you use the L or R buttons. HOWEVER, the following must be done:
    1) Don’t have all the available number of gate forts constructed. If you used them all, destroy one, choose to build a fort again, and when Angel is holding one, press L or R to change it to a blockhouse) – its from gamefaqs

    do i need to buy game controller?

    • Royal Gamer says:

      sorry but i did not play this game. hopefully those who are playing it will help you. let them read your comment first.

  3. blazeya says:

    i cant installed it.. the app says app not installed..

  4. Avid Fan says:

    Hi! For some reason i am unable to install the apk. Is there some sort of extra step?

  5. xYAMIx says:

    Thanks man!

  6. Hades says:

    Where is trial of mana RG?? It come out .uch much earlier

  7. Dark Prince says:

    Do we need SAI to install this game?

  8. UglyGoat says:

    Can you add the original apk without the mod menu?

  9. Yahiro Mizuchi says:

    Oh,you already surpassed the verification!?


    Trials of Mana is really protected to maximum

    • Mike says:

      It’s because it’s a large game, games that are more than 3gb are difficult to crack but some that are so small are too like Mo Astray

      • Yahiro Mizuchi says:

        Oh,Mo Astray is abandoned now cuz there is cracked apk

        Deemo -Reborn- can actually surpassed verification,you just need to turn off any internet connection and dont open it or it will bring you to play store, and yes

        The tutorial is in my YT Channel “Yahiro Mizuchi”

  10. Dark Prince says:

    Is it already licensed?

    • Royal Gamer says:

      Its Patched and its working fine

      • WHENG says:

        I downloaded actraiser 1.1.0 yesterday and when I open it, it shows me that I ‘eed to install another 1GB, but when I press yes it says “unable to download game data” no matter how much I retry it doesn’t work.
        My question is :
        Is it because I have actraiser 1.1.0? Like will it work if I download this 1.1.1 version?
        Please help because I don’t want to waste another 2Gb for nothing. Thank you.

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