Infinity Ops Online FPS MOD APK
Infinity Ops MOD APK is an online FPS Multiplayer only game with lots of multiplayer features and amazing addictive gameplay. MOD Features includes Unlimited Ammo and No Reload so you can easily kill enemies.
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Azur Interactive Games Limited
March 23, 2023
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After the success of Modern Strike Online and World War Heroes developer Azur Interactive Games Limited brought destiny like game on Android named Infinity Ops Online FPS. if you have seen gameplay of destiny games on PC or Consoles then you will surely see this one as a destiny as well. This developers are well known for their multiplayer online games and after the Modern Era settings and World War 2 settings now its time for some Sci-Fi Shooters so Infinity Ops is based on science fiction shooter just like PC Game Destiny 2.

Its a first person shooter based on sci-fi settings. There are no campaigns or anything like that its a pattern of this developer which they follow in all their games. so what you can play is multiplayer with player around the world. In the starting of the game you will be thrown in the training area where you will learn basic combats like walking,shooting and grenade throwing. It seems like its basically Modern Strike in Later Generation era.

Gameplay is as simply you just have to aim on the enemies and your gun will fire automatically. its quite easy to play but is not challenging like modern combat games. since nowadays most of all shooters are coming with auto fire options just like modern combat versus. Infinity Ops MOD APK has one of the top looking graphics. you can simply compare it with all the latest shooters and destiny warfare will stand out easily.

Since its a freemium game there are so many things like in-game currency and loot box system. you can easily rank your character but you will have to grind for unlocking advanced weapons. Different weapons and different maps are present to feel your competitive multiplayer experience. you can use shotguns for short range combats or use snipers to take out targets in distance. if you are looking for some FPS Multiplayer shooter then its a must play game. Since Its same as other games Destiny Warfare for Money or Premium Account is not possible now.

What's In The MOD:-

Unlimited Ammo | No Reload


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