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An amazing Diablo Immortal APK is now ready to play on all android devices. The First Official Release is playable on almost all android devices. Take part in an amazing RPG hack and slash game and experience AAA Quality Graphics and gameplay.
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Blizzard Entertainment Inc.
Dec 15, 2023
Android 6.0 and Up
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The Diablo Immortal is a cutting-edge magical RPG mobile game that can bring players a fierce battle experience. This game is jointly produced by Blizzard and NetEase is believed to be able to bring players no small surprises. The classic dark theme is reproduced in the game. Diablo Immortal lets you come back to the battlefield of the gods and demons to open a new chapter of the battle and face the attack of the powerful dark forces with a heroic attitude.

Download Diablo Immortal APK Android Game

1. The classic is called classic not only because it has won the love of players, but the game itself has become a belief.

2. Every profession and every plot here is carefully crafted, which is bound to bring you more exciting adventure experience.

3. Player characters who have the ability to continuously promote can grow up through adventurous battles and become the real powerhouse of the dark continent.

4. Classic Hack and slash returns on android

5. You will be able to play classic game with lots of amazing contents.

In this world full of dark shadows, start your journey of brave player. Players will work hand in hand to defeat the powerful boss hidden behind the conspiracy to restore peace and tranquility in the mainland. Personally, NetEase participates in a large proportion of this mobile game. It may be an illusion, but the appearance of the opening CG and the characters is not like Blizzard’s usual style, more like NetEase.

Blizzard’s game quality so far is still guaranteed, even if it is cooperating with NetEase, otherwise it won’t let it be the finale. There are already countless Diablo-like mobile games on the market. With NetEase and Blizzard’s keen business sense, it is impossible not to know how popular Diablo mobile games will be. This mobile game should have been secretly developed for a long time, and it was only released until now.


21 comments on "Diablo Immortal APK 2.2.1"

  1. Gargoyle says:

    The game is not yet available in my region, can I play on other server without VPN if I install this?

  2. Kamil says:

    How do you fix log in error?

    • DutchCrown says:

      Niet, je moet een speciale invite van blizzard via de mail hebben gehad die je toegang geeft tot de server via een versleutelde link.
      VPN zorgt er alleen voor dat je de data kan downloaden op voorhand, maar verder niks.
      Afwachten tot open beta later dit jaar.

  3. NachosSenpai says:

    This is a closed Alpha for Australia only.
    Closed alpha means if you haven’t gotten an invite from Blizzard directly you can’t access it still even if you are located in Australia or use a VPN you still can’t access it without that invite so you won’t have access unless you get an invite period.

  4. Dhan says:

    Wtf.! My phone not compatible this game.😥

    What are the specs ???????

  5. George says:

    Any way possible to get the login to work? Everything is perfectly fine. S20 Ultra 5G. Now what to login? I want to play so bad!

  6. RJC says:

    Alguém conseguiu?

  7. Pascal says:

    Oh man,i have 2 phone and not a single one compatible for this game,this is so sad.

  8. Stoyan Ivanov says:

    Hi i have note 20ultra everything was ok till i try to log in and then the game told me my WiFi is weak, i have 144Mbps is this not enough?

  9. Polen says:

    How to use VPN Australia? Im done with download and was able to open the app up to the title page. What’s next? Thanks!

  10. Hreg says:

    Are you sure Australia VPN is enough for this? I think account invitation/Google account register is also needed.

  11. Erwin says:

    Looks like servers are not yet up. Im using xiaomi mi 10t pro. Running in SD865 .

  12. Ghost says:

    I wonder why the download of files are not stable.

  13. ryzen says:

    Not compatible on my phone..how sad..after a long time waiting ,this sucks

  14. Saurav says:

    I have asus rog 3 and it says login failed i try to use vpn set country in Australia but login failed again and again what to do

  15. Azrock says:

    Not compatible on my device, i have 4GB of Ram and running on windows 10. Please RG mod it to all compatible devices. Thanks and Merry Christmas!

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