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This game is a lot like Diablo or torch a porch and Norrath it’s an action RPG wells ones that you run around mash buttons to kill your enemies and you have a various weapons and items that you get as a whole inventory management side to it this is a a quite a bit of a watered-down experience for and this is a very in the game I should also add and that’s very visible from the production value of the game that all being said awesome I’ve been addicted this this 10 games the I installed it about a week ago heard about it on reddit and down started playing it and then there was other games that I had reviewed same time kept launching this game so this game really boss let’s jump right into it now explain how the game mechanics so to start out there in one class don’t ever get a selection you’re just a wizard much rebuttal ever change but I guess your movement button is on and analog had in the lower left corner and on the lower right hand corner you have both your weapon and a little magic ability and for all I found used to tell a portion are teleportation with forbes may allow you to come to travel Andropalace Dungeon Quest MOD APK report we also have access to a couple buttons one for health and 14 mana that news a potion consumes those potions once run out will have to be purchased with court now the cool thing is even though this is a freemium game which normally I have a distaste for this one’s actually not too bad first of all this is an ad supported game and the ads are immediately removed if you make any purchase one dollar removes all the assets not only that but you can crap time cash up the gold for even the smallest purchase you get thirty thousand gold for a dollar the thirty thousand gold especially lower levels is white a bit attack soul for chief amounts of money you did lots the in game currency and you get the ads taken away this is a completely ethical model for someone doing freemium games I have to give it to the steps this is actually pretty cool as far as you are concerned you actually get the majority of your gear by killing various enemies and they drop the gear as you would see in a standard for purchase game your gear upgrades over time it has all kinds of different effects from fire , you should play this game highly recommend this one to you.

What’s New: v
Fixed an issue that prevented user settings from being saved from the options menu. Shadow settings in options are now correctly saved.
Purchasing the Auto-Map reveal will now correctly remove all ads.

What’s In The MOD: RoyalGamer
Free Shopping (Purchase anything from store for free)

Requires Android: 4.0 and Up




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  1. Rayzen says:

    RG can you Mod dungeun quest to have another character craeation plz also please update thank you

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