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Empire TV Tycoon APK MOD attempts to capture the look and feel of old school DOS sims, most specifically Mad TV – No, not that Mad TV – and it honestly pulls it off pretty well. I had reservations going into it, but before i knew it I had stayed up four hours longer than I should have playing it. That said, it’s not perfect – fortunately, the dev team seems to be pretty active with post-game support, so anything I could bring up might change. Empire TV Tycoon is a pc game which is now available in the play store. you can download Empire TV Tycoon APK MOD with Unlimited money from Andropalace for free.

Android APK Free Download Empire TV Tycoon APK MOD Lots Of money

APK of Empire TV Tycoon has you competing against two other TV stations to become the most popular station. You buy programming or make your own, support it with ads, use the news as a way to draw
in certain demographics, and outside of a few random events, that’s pretty much it. It’s simple, but that’s almost all it needs to do. As simple as that is, the real thing that keeps you going is comparing your progress with your opposition. The fact that you share the same building as your competition seems odd at first, but after thinking back on it, I get it. It keeps your enemies constantly on your mind, and the competition – the rage when someone gets higher numbers and the deep sense of smug satisfaction when you blow them out of the water is what really makes this game Empire TV Tycoon MOD APK shine.

The game is not without it’s problems, though. As someone who has never even attempted to make a management sim, allow me to bellyache. There’s not much of a reason to use multi-block shows aside from the fact that you pretty much have to, at least early on. Each block has it’s own demographic and so if you have a two block Sci-Fi movie on and the second block has no geeks watching… everybody who was there for the previous block just dips out. On the other hand, if the first block had no geeks and the second one does – then all the geeks will just come into the movie right into the middle of it. Doesn’t make a lot of sense. I’d think that, unless the movie sucks, shouldn’t the people watching in the first block carry over? Also, shouldn’t old people like most genres.

I ended up playing for two and half hours. Time just manages to slip away because this game is essentially a series of micro-battles, and as soon as you manage to win one another comes around the corner and you just can’t stop now! Get your game Empire TV Tycoon MOD APK and enjoy amazing premium simulation game on your Android phone.

What’s In The MOD APK:-
Unlimited Money

Requires Android: 4.0 and Up

Version: 1.3



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Install APK,Place data in Android/Obb/ and Play.

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