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Evertale is a 2D Classic monster capturing game with amazing story and gameplay. The story of this game is masterpiece and you will have more fun playing different events in the game. Evertale MOD APK is added for Unlimited Silver Money.
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ZigZaGame Inc.
Feb 14, 2023
Android 5.0 and Up
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Evertale APK MOD is a monster capturing RPG from ZigZaGame Inc. This game will surely Bring back classic RPG vibe. A game about Monster Capturing just like a Pocketown or Neo Monsters. Evertale MOD APK has amazing colorful graphics and gameplay. It costs around 0.20$ in the play store but you can try Evertales APK+DATA Free from Andropalace.org. MOD APK for Unlimited Money will be added shortly.

In Evertale APK Android your main goal is to Catch and evolve monsters. Just like Neo Monsters here you will have a quest line with a main story to follow and complete quests. The main features are capture unique monsters and upgrade or evolve them to make them more stronger. Doing so you can easily advance in the story. Since Evertale MOD APK is here you can expect Unlimited Money and Coins from It. Its an Open World RPG so you can expect good amount of grindings as well as hard enemies filled dungeons.

The story follows where you have to Join a group of heroic heroes and free the world of Erden from the deadly enemies. In your way to complete the storyline you will have to Collect, train, and evolve monsters. Here In Evertale APK MOD you will have 180 monsters to capture or hunt down. A unique gameplay with amazing storylines. The monster battles looks amazing though. There are two game modes available where you can play this game offline and complete storyline or build your team and compete in PVP Online battles around the world. There are more advantages in trying out PVP Modes because you will have more amazing rewards and power-ups which can be helpful in your advancement of the game. If you like monster hunting games then Give Evertale a try.

What's In The MOD:-

Unlimited Silver


64 comments on "Evertale MOD APK 2.0.83 Unlimited Money"

  1. Cryptomaniac says:

    Cant a mod be made where soul stones are injected? Doesn’t have to be unlimited, even 100k is fine, coz no matter where I look, i hv only found unlimited silver, max team cost and 100% capture, which in my opinion are very useless(no offense to anyones efforts made). But really, soul stones are the most important and if possible really really would like an injection, if you anyone knows a way to do it, please tell

  2. Namikazeorly says:

    Que se supone que hace el mod?

  3. Luis says:

    This Mod (version 2.0.07) Silver Unlimited. In what Chapter functional??
    I play 3hrs and stay in Chapter 3.
    And the Shop them paid Arm.
    Example: My amount of Silver is 5,338
    The price of Weapon is 3,200 and My Balance os Silver is 2,138 in My Opinon where are de ON 0r OFF for Silver Unlimited. You Mod Game Don’t Functional or Any other file needed and No has Post???
    In your Time RG asnwer and Thanks…..

    • Royal Gamer says:

      Wait ill MOD it. unfortunately i dint add the MOD in this version since nobody was looking for unlimited silver.

      • Luis says:

        Thank you
        But the title of the MOD game Evertale says the following.
        Unlimited Silver (You can Turn On/Off Unlimited Silver from MOD Menu)
        And apparently but you are your RG who else can post such a title ???
        Unlimited Silver (You can Turn On/Off Unlimited Silver from MOD Menu)
        Thanks again

  4. AllenYu1984 says:

    High damage and 100 percent guarantee to capture monster mod please. Thanks 😊

  5. Quadrine says:

    Unlimited soul stone pleasee

  6. Zero says:

    Please confirm if it’s online or offline

    • GwapoAko says:

      I’ve tried to download a few kbs then reopen it while offline and the game still asked me to turn the connection ON to download the resource file Multiple times.i dunno while the others claimed that it works on them offline(maybe first time players?) while some people on google play comments that the game forced them to re download again.

  7. GwapoAko says:

    Can you confirm on your side Rg? Offline doesn’t work anymore the game asked me to Re-download resources three times already during offline mode.

  8. Pixellated says:

    Your mod was awesome, thanks πŸ˜‚πŸ‘

    • Royal Gamer says:

      Well well This Hero Library looks fantastic

      • Pixellated says:

        I’m just messing with the game fileπŸ˜‚

        • ZOVA says:

          teach me please.. give me your discord or anything :’)

          • Pixellated says:

            Of course. Give me few day, i will make the video how to “mod” this game. As for discord, i think i will make one (because i never use that).
            (sorry bad English, not mother language)

          • Pixellated says:

            Update: i already make the video, and i upload it to YouTube, just search “Evertale MOD character weapon equipment”.
            And for RG, im so sorry if i ‘promoting’ my channel in your page without your permission, feel free if you wanna delete my comments.

    • ZOVA says:

      can you teach me senpai :’)

    • iyot says:

      does offline mode works to you?it always ask me to re download resources even i finished downloading the files when I’m trying offline.

      • Pixellated says:

        Yes. I already finish the offline story. and yes, it still downloading* even you already downloaded the game assets (500-700mb, if i remember correctly). After download, i think you still “forced to online” until the first tutorial gacha, after that you can run this game offline.
        *Oh, about download resource even you already downloaded, sometimes the game needs download 500kb (or less) data game. It’s okay, just turn on the data game if the game needs download, and turn it off after the game finished download (noticed by the loading bars start counting).

  9. Ditya says:

    silver is pretty useless later on the game..

  10. Shikkishikki says:

    When I try to install it says this file has malware…. anybody else have that? Is it safe?

  11. Shaz says:

    Can u update new version of this game I can’t do event and gacha always got update pop out.. thank you..

  12. skytrader says:

    silver is pretty useless later on the game..

  13. Reza13 says:

    I have okayed it for 1 day niw it neeeds an update

  14. AllenYu1984 says:

    Please follow up the broken link for mod

  15. SkyHawk says:

    Links for MODS are broken or unexistent. Plz fix it Royal Gamer <3

  16. Monty says:

    Game is free on play store now,grab it!

  17. anonymous says:

    broken link for mod?

  18. Sachikai says:

    oh it might seem flooding but now it’s 1.0.28 tho…
    well just update whenever you can … and please fix the bug of 1.0.26 where it stop 19/20 when DL’ing the content Thank you a lot

  19. Raiga says:

    need update

  20. Sachikai says:

    1.0.27 is out now… Wish update would fix the bug of stuck DL at 20

  21. Mikhail says:

    Hey RG. When i install the mod it wants to turn on the net because it want to dl 20 items but when i open ot it is always stuck 19 pit of 20. Can u help?

  22. Auto says:

    RG, the mod isn’t working for me. Nothing unlimited and no high damage.

  23. AllenYu1984 says:

    Thanks for high damage and infinite team cost. I love this game πŸ–’πŸ–’πŸ–’
    If high damage mod is not working, just unequip the weapons and equip it back and it will work πŸ–’πŸ–’πŸ–’

  24. AllenYu1984 says:

    Thanks for the mod and I’ve been long waiting for this. Infinite game currency anything but Gold used for fusion upgrade and Soul Stones. Anyway, only you can farm the soul stones is to go to limited time event and achievements. Again, thanks πŸ˜€

  25. Fortis says:

    Can you make the game Record of the Agarest War and Record of the Agarest War Zero on Play Store free, RG?

  26. Sami says:

    Money isn’t unlimited it shows 99999999 for a second then go back to normal 1k/2k coins

  27. Ryu says:

    Rg, can you please unlocked Editor mode of The You Testament 2D by mcdickie?

    btw, I was the one who asked that cupcakeria shit back in 2015

  28. Z says:

    Can you make this mod with offline mode or cut internet connection withouy turn off my connection?

  29. Anonymous says:

    gonna wait for that unlimited money ;)

  30. 4zr43l says:

    Use game guardian for money stats and xp since this is an oflfine game :)

    • Auto says:

      It’s useless since you need to go online to buy something with the soul stones. And when you’re online, it resets.

  31. Mrs.Dragon says:

    play on pc and then use cheat engine… :)

  32. Dami says:

    Stuck in quest find misha.. No see this monster or ally..

  33. Sami says:

    Unlimited coin mod please.. thanks RG

  34. Zain Malik says:

    Royal gamer pllzzzz add mod wwe universe new game lanuch hoi ha

  35. Jon Snowing Wick says:

    The latest update stocks on the loading screen when downloading data… help please..

  36. AllenYu1984 says:

    There’s a mod for one hit and god mode. If you don’t want to wait for unlimited money to release? Then try Ever tale one hit and god mode mod. Works in all modes except PVP (What YouTube is mentioned and mod doesn’t work in PVP mode). You want that, just Google ‘Evertale mod apk for one hit and god mode. Because it might be boring but fun, works in high difficulty level, I’m sure if it works or not. Correct me if i’m wrong :)

  37. eversuck says:

    this game sucks. I cant start a new game and you cant win in pvp unless you have a bucks to buy ssr monsters that can be obtain through gem summon..

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