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Flight is an open world Offline Exploration Android game which is created using Unreal Engine.
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Ashim Shakya
September 9, 2020
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Incarnate as a flying Flight to enjoy the shocking flight experience brought by the ultimate picture, comparable to the pc-level rendering effect, the scenery details are very pleasing to the eye, play as a bird traveling freely between the mountains, rivers and seas, while feeling the beautiful scenery, while letting your mind and sense of substitution The sense of immersion and immersion is excellent, suitable for thinking about life while playing, download the Flight and travel together.

Introduction to Flight APK:-

A contemplative flying adventure with a dynamic day and weather.

Become a monk in the atmosphere of a crow adventure scenery.

Players will freely use different flying methods to start their own battles in the game. The new gameplay can bring players a more perfect game experience. A large number of battle methods can freely use different methods and a variety of foraging gameplay allows players to get a better gaming experience and enjoy more perfect gaming fun.

How to play the avatar flying game

Using the classic dual virtual joystick operation mode, each operation will bring you different surprises.

The high-quality interface and the brand-new style of painting make you want to stop, and more masters are here for PK.

In the game, the player can be transformed into a dove in the world to fly. The flying ability of the dove is still good, and the height is quite excellent.

When the player becomes a pigeon, the player can fly freely in the sky, overlook the situation in the city, and find a variety of foods to meet their needs.

Features of Flight APK – A Flying Android Game:-

Super high degree of freedom of the game, open game map scenes, find our food;

Become a free pigeon, where you will be able to do whatever you want;

Simple and easy-to-use game operation method, operate the pigeons in our game to open the adventure;

The pigeon can also interact with humans, and you can try to see how different people react to you;

Fun flying game, flying around the city, looking down everywhere, competing with different pigeons;



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