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Genshin Impact is an RPG game, not MMORPG and every player has its own world so you will not meet other players when you are at a town or at the field you can meet other players when you form a party. you can play with your friends in a party called co-op mode this is the basic of Genshin Impact APK MOD.
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miHoYo Limited
Dec 11, 2023
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Genshin impact an open-world action role-playing game developed by miHoYo Limited the creators of the hit mobile game Honkai impact 3d. Its a cross-platform RPG game which can be played on PS4,PC,Ios and Android devices. Its a massive Zelda breathe of the wild like game on Android Devices.

Genshin Impact is an RPG game, not MMORPG and every player has its own world so you will not meet other players when you are at a town or at the field you can meet other players when you form a party. you can play with your friends in a party called co-op mode this is the basic of Genshin Impact APK MOD.

Genshin Impact APK Download Breathe of the Wild on Android

Your Journey starts when you lost your sibling. You are an unknown traveler and some god has abducted your kin.  You will be able to select any of the character from siblings and when you select one the other one will be taken by the gods. Along your way you will meet so many new characters and you can control all of them as well.  Each character has different gameplay weapons and skills.

When you choose the female protagonist the male character gets imprisoned by gods. in typical RPG fashion your objective is to rescue your brother or sister and then get sidetracked by so many things.

The game Genshin Impact Android Download APK features an open world map like Breathe of the wild where you can jump,climb and even glide same as Zelda Games. When you complete story further you will have more characters to choose from and those characters can be freely equipped in a set of four in the gameplay.

You will be able to unlock a total of 30 playable characters each character has two unique combat skills. A normal Skills and a Special Attack skills. The special skill attack costs mana and mana regenerates automatically. There are food and cooking features which can be used to buff your character stats.

Is this a Legend of zelda breath of the world clone this question is the biggest elephant in the room. It really feels like breath of the world. its such a beautiful game with amazing story and graphical improvements. Its a next Gen RPG on Android.



59 comments on "Genshin Impact APK 4.3.0_19705728_19706476"

  1. Crown Lix says:

    Hi RG, can u mod the cloud version?

  2. Karthick Dante says:

    Hi RG, I need best settings for Aether sx2 best settings for midrange devices I’m using snapdragon 778 chipset mobile..

  3. Chetan Oswal says:

    Bro, latest version please. I get error stating me to download the latest version of the game.

    • Chetan Oswal says:

      Okay I resolved the issue. I went to playstore and saw update for Genshin Impact and downloaded it. Now the game is working fine. Thanks

  4. Anjarnurp says:

    Bro can this game run on device mediatek G35(32bit)

    • Royal Gamer says:

      Check Requirements from the play store. if you can see this game in your play store then it will run on your phone

  5. Swiming on the Mud says:

    I Hate to play Online, can you Mod into Offkine game?

    • Royal Gamer says:

      Its completely an online game

    • Chetan Oswal says:

      That’s right bro… I too never played online games… This would be my first online game… I hate it too but this game is online, unless the creators think otherwise… Let’s hope they produce an offline update.

  6. Naveen says:

    Does this game run on Samsung galaxy A7?
    Android 10, 4GB RAM, Exynos processor.

  7. natzky says:

    Is this game MoDDed RG? Or if not can MOD this game? Thanks.

  8. Genshin fan says:

    Heh Rg is this possible to download data in parts and then extract them in onn…will it work

  9. Artast says:

    Hello RG, I ask this before but it’s possible for you to add Danganronpa, Undertale, Deltaruin to your website?

  10. Randombull says:

    Hey RG ,do you know any game like this or Zelda BOTW that’s offline (for android)

  11. Dman says:

    Why does it says app not installed when I tried to install it?

  12. Rôss says:

    It is incompatible In the Google. But if i download it in here will it play?

  13. SneakySmurfy says:

    Can you upload the full data, because sometimes if download directly from app the server are suck

  14. mira says:

    hi rg, is it possible to get this game modded? thanks ;-;

  15. George Greek says:

    Holy COW I’ve never seen a game like this on mobile. It’s like playing Zelda (no joke). So much detail (example: the chest bounces when opened), open world and it runs smooth on my old Snapdragon 820! Game is now 7GB now (ouch) but trust me, it’s unreal.
    Love your site BTW

    • Royal Gamer says:

      Thank you. Yeah it is indeed a beautiful game and worth trying for those who still thinks investing 7gig in it

  16. Anonymous says:

    When League of Legend Wild rift will release.

  17. raj says:

    whats the different if i download the this apk here between from the google play?

  18. Retro Gamer says:

    Hi RG.. I just downloaded this on my PS4. Just wanna knw if u have any idea if this game is cross platform playable & what’s the mid on this apk?

  19. Doomguy says:

    It’s always sucked that my device turns out to be incompatible :'(

  20. don says:

    Offline game?

  21. sourabh solanki says:

    hii bro can you upload obb? some site has uploaded and it says 1gb download size,may be it is compressed thats y.Please bro its 6 gb and it would be better if you compress and parts would be better.i am your follower since 4-5 years back,

    • Royal Gamer says:

      No that’s not possible to compress its data to 1 GB. you will still need to download 5.6 GB of rar file which needs to be placed in Android/data so its better to download data directly from game

    • Gowtham Chand Narayanan says:

      I also checked ,that site is making a fuss about it. Just getting more viewers. If yu can’t download such big file wait for a while to get WiFi access. Or wait for torrent and download by sharing data with someone or 5-6 days mobile data.

  22. D says:

    It’s not MMO but you still need a connection to play. I kinda hope we can play offline.. Guess that’s not possible…

  23. Hawk says:

    Hey RG, will it be possible to make this offline?

  24. Gowtham Chand Narayanan says:

    What’s the size of additional data?

  25. Gowtham Chand Narayanan says:

    Yo RG 🍻🍻 Thanks man, I was hoping you’d post it. 🔥🔥

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