How To Activate Google Assistant APK In All Android Devices

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So in case you haven’t already noticed google has made artificial intelligence a huge part of what they’re trying to accomplish in the world of mainstream technology. I think you have already got some knowledge about Google Assistant and its now rolling out for all android devices including Samsung Devices, HTC Devices, LG and all other Android devices which has Android 6.0 or 7.0. seriously who uses that Google home was also recently released which looks to make the virtual assistants and even bigger part of your daily life and to keep you constantly connected with the search giant.

Since Google Assistant is now rolling for All devices i will teach you how to activate Google Assistant in your Android phone. It’s pretty much the main selling point of the pixel it also looks as if moving forward and the assistant will take over for google now and now on tap. so what exactly can I do differently than what the current google voice search commands and google now already do and is it even useful in everyday life. alright so we already know that Google assistant can show you pictures of cats and it can tell you how tall someone is what times it is and what the weather is like over in Arizona and where the nearest taco bell is located.

Normal everyday smartphone power user so something like Google assistance should be just what I need right well what i use assistant for is pretty simple since I don’t necessarily have all the time in the world to keep track of everything that I want to i’d like to check up to see if my chicago bulls won their last game. This Google Assistant easily beats Apple’s siri.

Requirements of GOOGLE ASSISTANT:-
Android 6.0 Marshmallow
and Android 7.0 Nougat Devices

Here are the simple steps about how to activate Google Assistant in your Android Phone

Google is officially releasing its assistant for all devices but here are the steps you can manually get your Assistant.I have successfully activated Assistant in my Oneplus 3T Android 7.0 without any problem so do not panic and follow instructions.
1)You have to Manually Push GOOGLE SERVICES latest update in your phone.
Here are the download links of latest GOOGLE SERVICES APK choose it according to your phone and install it.

2)Download Links of Google Play Services:-
Download Links Of Google Play Services

3)After installing the latest Play Services APK you have to do is restart your phone and wait. wait for few hours. like in my case i have waited about 10 hours before Google Assistant showed up in my HOLD HOME BUTTON in your phone and check it if you have got your Google Assistant or not.

So Basically Where is Google Assistant APK? and How to download it?
You will not see Assistant APK.All the process will be done automatically through Google just update the play services and wait.

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