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Jun 3, 2021
Feb 26, 2024
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Granny 3 is a horror-themed escape room game developed by DVloper. It is the third installment in the popular “Granny” series, known for its intense and frightening gameplay.

Key Features of the Game:

  1. Gameplay and Mechanics:
    • Players are trapped in Granny’s house and must find a way to escape within a limited time.
    • The house is filled with various puzzles, traps, and hidden items that players must solve and collect to escape.
    • Granny, along with other antagonistic characters like Grandpa and Slendrina, roams the house and tries to capture the player.
  2. Enemies:
    • Granny: She has keen hearing and will come to investigate any noise made by the player.
    • Grandpa: He is less sensitive to sound but carries a shotgun and is more dangerous if encountered.
    • Slendrina: A ghostly figure who occasionally appears to scare and hinder the player.
  3. Environment:
    • The game takes place in a large, dilapidated house with multiple floors, secret passages, and various rooms.
    • Each room contains clues, items, and puzzles essential for the player’s escape.
  4. Difficulty Levels:
    • The game offers different difficulty levels, each affecting the sensitivity and behavior of Granny and Grandpa, as well as the availability of items and time limits.
    • There is an “Easy” mode for beginners and a “Nightmare” mode for those seeking an extreme challenge.
  5. Stealth and Strategy:
    • Players must use stealth to avoid detection, hide in closets or under beds, and strategically plan their moves.
    • Distractions can be created to lure Granny and Grandpa away from key areas.
  6. Graphics and Atmosphere:
    • The game features eerie and dark graphics, enhancing the horror atmosphere.
    • Creepy sound effects and music add to the tension and immersion.

Additional Information:

  • Updates and Community: DVloper frequently updates the game with new content, bug fixes, and improvements based on player feedback.
  • Popularity: The game has garnered a significant following due to its challenging gameplay and the thrill of evading Granny and Grandpa.

Granny 3 is praised for maintaining the intense and suspenseful experience of its predecessors while introducing new elements and challenges that keep the gameplay fresh and engaging for both new and returning players.

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