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Graveyard Keeper APK MOD is a game about getting back to your loved ones from a non-specific afterlife. However in this afterlife town noone wants to listen to the main character and puts him through absolute torture by giving him a day job. Good news is, what’s his torture is our fun because Graveyard Keeper MOD APK is a blast to play. Released on PC/Console around 10 months ago and its now finally arrived on Android. A Dark sense of humor Stardew Valley.

Download Graveyard Keeper APK MOD DLC Unlocked

The story is pretty simple, guy wants to go home to his girl but after getting hit by a car is now a graveyard keeper. So obviously, like any normal person, he gets to work in hopes this will bring him what he wants. That’s why we all keep going to work every day right? Anyway, being the grave keeper consists of more than just tending the graves. A donkey drops off the bodies and you need to play mortician before deciding what to with them. In the morgue you can cut them up or embalm them.

Once the graveyard is all spruced up you can open the church. The inside is a crafting station for faith which is really handy. You give a sermon a week for faith and a bit of coin. It’s kind of amazing the game treats prayer like crafting. The church starts off pretty dingy and it’s yet more work to build up the inside with candles and pews. The point is to decorate it and try and draw in a bigger crowd.

The unique design of all the characters is great. The pixel art is very well done. In particular the weather effects are a highlight. The game has rain, wind, and fog. Each adds atmosphere to the game and I loved walking out of the house and being pleasantly surprised by the weather. It gives the world so much life. Graveyard Keeper APK MOD a unique offline RPG is a must try for the RPG Lovers.


What’s In The MOD APK:-
DLC Unlocked

Requires Android: 4.1 and Up

Version: 1.129



Download Links:

Install APK,Place data in Android/Obb/ and Play.

11 comments on "Graveyard Keeper APK MOD DLC Unlocked"

  1. wookiechewy says:

    Hey RG, it works fine at first, i got past the loading screen but the game crashed when i try to create a new game. I tried again and it crashed after google play games sign in. Any advice? I’m really interested in this game, i tried from several websites since last year to try and get it to work but only yours got me pass the loading screen. I hope you can help, thanks RG.

  2. Abraham With L says:

    Hello rg can you make unlimited money for this game.

    Thank you

  3. DOGGE says:

    It hangs when I change the language and its stuck in the loading screen when I restart the game.

  4. Vampire says:

    This is a little lame for a game but can you please mod it to have unlimited stamina.
    Its very irritating of how slow the gameplay is and to understand how it works
    Unlimited stamina will atleast make it barable

  5. jones bautista says:

    can i use the older version save file?

  6. Secrik says:

    No corre en mi moto z2 play

  7. Anonymous says:

    whats DLC UNLOCK? RG?

  8. Noodle720 says:


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