Harvest Moon Light of Hope APK MOD Free Download


We have harvest moon light of hope APK MOD this game marks the fourth or fifth of you include Harvest Moon lore farmers on iOS and Android. game in the Harvest Moon series to be handled by Natsume after parting ways marvelous went on to continue their games under the story of seasons name. the game was developed by TABOT incorporated and published by Natsume. the game also marks the 20th anniversary of the Harvest Moon series with the original releasing out side of japan. Harvest Moon Light Of Hope APK MOD is now finally arrived on Andropalace.

Harvest Moon Light of Hope APK MOD Free Download

This is the first game which released on PC rather than a Flash game or a Facebook game. In this game you player self and sent farmer who washed up ashore on an island after a storm once you come to introduced to Jean a woman training to be a rural doctor as well as the lighthouse keeper of the now broken lighthouse. she explains to you that after a big storm hit the island most of the people living in nearby beacon town moved away. after the storm had damaged their houses and the lighthouse after learning of this fact, you instantly decide that this is the place for you.

Then you are taken to a farm that’s conveniently on the outskirts of town and your farming life begins. in this game not only are you growing crops and raising animals you will be also repairing the town. getting the island back to its former glory with the ultimate goal of restoring. the lighthouse along the way you’ll meet many other folks all of them returning from harvest moon Sky Tree village on the 1903 Dias as well as its DLC. Harvest Moon Light Of Hope APK is a simple harvest series game which you will like for sure.

What’s In The MOD APK:-
Unlimited Coins(You can purchase even if you do not have enough money)

Requires Android: 4.1 and Up

Version: 1.0.0


Download Links:

Install APK,Place data in Android/obb/ and Play.



  1. Thank, God. This one is in english version. I download about 5 apk+mod data all worked but all in Chinese. It’s frustrating. Gotta play it hope it won’t crash as few mentioned.

  2. Mod not working on my rooted phone. I uninstalled it once and installed it twice and followed the instruction to put the folder in obb. Did not worked.

  3. Hmm… Theoretically, the mod works, but it gives me the opportunity only and only gives me the opportunity to repair some houses… And if I buy something with a Marchant, it does not work for me… 😐

  4. hi RG im a big fan of yours for a year. may i request the gods hd? i really love that game and i want it to play on my s7 edge. i really hope you can upload it. a big thanks and keep up the good work RG!

  5. RG please kindly check the mod. For me the mod isn’t working. I have followed the instruction and played the game, but the mod isn’t working as it’s described (I can’t purchase when I don’t have enough coin) :)

  6. Sadly not working on my OPPO F7 Both with data on and off, Possibly because of mediatek. If you love mobile gaming better go for snapdragon powered phone and avoid mediatek and or Exynos


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