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Hello Neighbor: Diaries - What terrible secret is your sinister Neighbor hiding? There are rumors that he’s a ruthless killer. Sneak into his home and conduct your own investigation to see for yourself. This maniac’s ever-changing and growing house will be a real challenge to overcome!
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Jun 21, 2022
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If you are curious what your mysterious neighbor is doing, then you may find Hello Neighbor Diaries APK interesting. With the Hello Neighbor Diaries game released, we found out about Hello Neighbor Diaries it is. This investigative, stealth-focused game makes for a great first impression thanks to well-tuned gameplay and a distinct art direction. It remains to be seen whether Hello Neighbor Diaries is going to last as long as it is meant to, and if it is going to get regular updates.

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The process of uncovering a suspects neighbors secrets will keep any fan of intrigue hooked. To find out the truth about their neighbors, a person will enter their neighbors home to look for clues, to find keys to unlock locks, and to do a lot more things, all in a secretive manner. This means that one will go inside his home and look for keys to open locks, while also skulking around in new places. Their new game revolves around two neighbors, just like their title suggests, and one of them will be going to the neighbors house looking for answers about rumors surrounding their neighbors.

Once he saw that there was something weird going on at the neighbors mansion, he decided right away to take action, and in a very radical way. After trespassing on his neighbors home, it is necessary to look for evidence that is incriminating, arrange a kind of ruse, ad take revenge for destroying ones own peace. The main character has to come up with an efficient plan, whose execution can uncover all secrets about your neighbors, and, if you are lucky, exploit them to your advantage.

Each time new items are found, you advance in the storyline, which is basically about finding what is hiding The Neighbor. The games screen is colored in a darker shade, with time nodes like sunsets and nights giving users an intimidating feel. One is the Move buttons, which looks like joysticks, while another one lets you perform the tapping movement by clicking on your controls.



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