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Injustice 2 MOD APK which has just appeared on the Play Store in soft launch it is not out in the UK or the US on getting battered by a big monkey so don’t go looking for it you will not find it there. all you will see is PRE-REGISTER option in there. so its better to get your Injustice 2 APK with Obb data from Andropalace. now this is the sequel to the what turned out to be very popular mobile tie-in Injustice the Gods Among us. I’m just failing it this is only about level three or four and it follows very much the same kind of techniques and style of the first game which is that it looks like a 2d brawler but really it’s a kind of a card game. Injustice 2 is an online game and you can not play it offline at all. also the MOD APK of Injustice 2 would appear late or you will not see unlimited money mod at all because its a completely an online game.

Injustice 2 MOD APK Android 3.4.1

It’s kind of card game what it ultimately is so you collect the characters like cards and then you use them to fight against the trio of other folks. the fighting itself is very basic you just tap on the screen and you’ll go attack and attack you can swipe forward to do like a lunging forward attack swipe back to get out the way. they’ve added a couple of other things from injustice one. I didn’t play a lot of it to be honest with you but I believe that like things like the vertical attacks and lower tax and stuff.


Developers have tried or at least made an effort to make the fighting a bit more sophisticated but I’m going to block here it’s still very very basic and it’s still more about working at which of your cards are the strongest against whichever other characters you’re playing against and then you know matching them up accordingly. it’s always been like white glossy because this is a spinoff from the console games the injustice series which are built on that nether realm engine the same guys that make Mortal Kombat.

The energy charge up,it’s a free-to-play game so you require stamina and you may participate events and all that but you guys will be familiar. I’d be curious to know people are still playing the first game it’s got a lot of love on the Play Store and I know few reasons first of all it was an offline game and the second reason is that we got MOD APK for Unlimited money for Injustice Gods among us. the fan base was quite big in the DC Universe is growing now with the movies.

What’s New: v 3.4.1
Gold BvS Superman is now LEGENDARY Justice League Superman and he’ll stop at nothing to protect his teammates! His new passive ‘Do You Bleed’ boosts Defense for Legendary and Justice League teammates! Superman protects teammates from enemies by tagging-in and interrupting attacks. Introducing a new universal Gear type, Artifacts! Artifacts unlock a 6th Gear slot and can be equipped on any Hero to gain bonus stats and unique passive bonuses!

What’s In The MOD APK of Injustice 2:-
No Skill CD

Requires Android: 4.4 and Up

Version: 3.4.1



Download Links:

Install Injustice 2 MOD APK,Place data in Android/obb/ and Play.Must Use Proper MOD APK.



  1. Can i connect to Google Play so i can continue from where i stopped and also save my progress or is there any other way to do that?

  2. Rg help when I install and start the game it just kicks me out and saying unfortunately injustice 2 has stopped working something like that when I try to open the game it just says injustice 2 closed

  3. Hi mate,
    Great work, i am not havin any issues with the god mode but the unlimited money doesnt seem to work because my money keeps getting deducted anytime i buy an upgrade or sometin.

  4. I have download the apk and obb files and installed the game as described in readme, but it seems normal game, can’t really see any difference, I don’t know if what is hacked in this mod. is it only me or everyone.

  5. RG YOU’RE THE BEST !!!!!! You should ask some money for services. Because there some people here that get modded apk’s for free and still complain. I think You’re the best!!!!

  6. Hi again RG, is there any way I could stop the god mode and not alter my progress in the game…..There could be a reverse right?…I could give you my profile details if needed…but by the way ;you’re awesome making that god mode thing.

  7. @RG bro if possible can you add an unmodded apk(no god mode) which you can install without uninstalling the game.
    I’d like to test my character’s strength without the mod thanks in advance if my request is possible.

  8. Can’t go past through tutorial “block attacks” enemy isn’t attacking as a result I’m not completing that., Plz look into this RG

  9. Finally I’ve been able to play Injustice2 again because of this new update.
    I’m back to zero but that is not a problem

  10. Hello…..Rg everthing is working perfectly in modded apk but 1st fight of chapter 2 in story mode is not working… Whenever i click on it it just keeps on loading and loading ….but i did not have this issue with previous mods… on it plz

  11. Can’t get mod APK only from the given links
    Have the data files for the latest version already
    Some help would be appreciated!!

  12. It says a new version in google play is available and it’s telling me to update. But once I update it nothing’s happening. I can’t play the game right now. This is very frustrating. Please help on what to do with this.

  13. Hi.. Can anyone tell me how can i continue my gameplay after update this game? Do i need to install only apk? Thanks!

  14. Hi.. Can anyone tell me how cann i continue my gameplay after update this game? Do i need to install only apk? Thanks!

  15. Hey….when the new update comes, is there any chance that we can restore the progress from the old mod version ? As the mod doesnt allow google play sign-in…so is there any chance we can restore the progress ?
    Thank You

  16. Why does the mode keep changing, we had one hit kill and unlimited health and now no one hit kill, is it that it works differently after each update, this current mode is so not enjoyable

    • send me your MALI APK which you got from the play store and send it in our FB PAGE PM. ill mod it and send it back to you

  17. can i play it with my google account, continuing my last progress? cs ive tried some god mod but it only let me plays as guest and start from lv1 again

  18. Could someone please help me generate injustice2 gems online. I find it difficult to complete surveys in my country. My username is “red-morning” and thanks in advance

  19. I alredy install and sukses play and mod work…but after i go out and restart HP after that the aplication is not instaled (Like uninstaled) why ? Please help thanks

  20. RG why I can’t install Mod games on my phone? (Galaxy j7 v.6.0.1)
    I can’t install Dc legends mod and injustice 2 mod

    • nope its the whole game, only you cant login with google play, play till it launches globally then you can play normally

  21. After Intro It waits for some time and shows check Ur phone’s internet connection..Is this happen as my connection was slow or any other reason?? if someone knows help me..

  22. this really pisses me off i have tried every site out there to get this from and none of them will install on my device

  23. Or you can change VPN to Australia and download it from Google app store.
    Note – change your pre register status before or sign in playstore from other google id.

  24. For the people who experience cannot connect server. After intro. Surely,show cannot connect server. All u need to do touch ok. Wait for few minutes. It will downloading profile. Choose guest and u good to go. Enjoy

  25. It’s not a mod apk guys.. it’s kind of like early access..
    Thank you RG.
    If possible kindly mod ‘Hey monster’
    Thanks in advance.

  26. rg why i cant connect to server, i have good connection, thank u for uploading rg keep up the good work cheers


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